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Issuing time:2022-01-15 15:46





Cinnamon is a new favorite among Wuyi rock teas, known for its classic cinnamon flavor and spice. The entire Wuyishan tea area is described by everyone as having tea in rocks and rocks, and no tea without rocks. It can be seen that there are quite a few mountain farms producing tea in Wuyishan. Although the cinnamon tree species in Wuyi Mountain are all cuttings, this method of asexual reproduction can make the tea tree itself have no difference, and the quality of the group is consistent. However, tea trees are planted in different tea areas, and they will definitely show subtle differences due to the influence of geology. But the joy of drinking tea is in finding that nuance.

The mountain farms that produce cinnamon tea in Wuyi Mountain include Matouyan, Huiyuankeng, Niulankeng, Liuxiangjian and other places. Just by looking at these pleasant place names, we know that Wuyi Mountain is a place with excellent scenery. In addition, Yanzihu is also the core area of cinnamon production. In recent years, Yanzihu cinnamon has gradually gained fame due to its excellent quality.

Swallow cinnamon wins with "bone strength", and the word "bone strength" is a word that can only be understood and cannot be described in words. Literally, the word bone has a tough meaning, which means that the tea soup of yanzi cinnamon is rich in minerals. , giving people a plum-like comfortable feeling, the very fine graininess of minerals in the mouth can be captured by the mouth, and the experience of exploring the subtle taste is quite comfortable. Words can't describe it so well. If you have time, you can experience the charm of the "bone strength" of Yanzihu cinnamon for yourself.

The process of swallow nest cinnamon adopts moderate fire power, and the steps of withering, fermentation and baking in the production process all affect the aroma of cinnamon. The aroma of swallow nest cinnamon is a sweet floral fragrance like peach. This aroma benefits from the acquired blessing of the processing technology. The aroma of cinnamon itself is cinnamon. Therefore, when we drink a favorite tea, we should not only thank the gift of nature, but also thank the tea farmers and tea masters for their hard work. This kind of magical power to make natural things better through human beings is worthy of our pride. During the process of drinking tea, we can feel the confidence of man's victory over heaven and save the decadence.