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Issuing time:2022-01-11 13:39






Recently, Chen Jianbin, chairman of the Anxi County Political Consultative Conference, led the heads of relevant departments to visit the Anxi Chamber of Commerce in Changchun City and some local Anxi-registered tea companies and tea merchants to inspect the local tea market.

Chen Jianbin and his entourage went to Changchun Qingcheng Tea Capital, Fuquan Tea Capital and Changchun Anxi Chamber of Commerce to visit Anxi-registered tea merchants and Anxi Chamber of Commerce in Changchun to learn about the operation and sales of tea by local Anxi tea merchants and the operation of the chamber of commerce.

Chen Jianbin encouraged the chamber of commerce to play an active role and make more useful explorations in strengthening information exchange, enhancing the interaction of the chamber of commerce, sharing social resources, and achieving coordinated development, so that members can feel the concern and attention of the chamber of commerce. The majority of tea merchants and tea enterprises must seize the opportunity, develop together as a group, and add glory to their hometown Anxi with excellent results and a good image; they must actively participate in various constructions of their hometown and return their hometown as much as they can, and their hometown Anxi also strives to create an excellent environment and, as always, supports the innovation of hometowns. developing.

Chen Jianbin hopes that the majority of Anxi tea merchants will continue to increase the promotion of Anxi Tieguanyin, and by holding more tea events such as tea king competitions and tea tasting sessions on campus, guide more tea lovers to consume good tea and further improve Anxi. Tieguanyin's popularity, reputation and market influence have helped Anxi tea industry "take off for the second time".

Jilin Province is one of the main tea sales markets in Northeast China and an important sales area for Anxi Tieguanyin. At present, there are more than 500 Anxi tea merchants in Jilin. In recent years, Anxi-based tea merchants have vigorously promoted the Anxi Tieguanyin brand through group development, effectively increasing the market share and making Anxi Tieguanyin one of the most influential local tea brands. (Reporter Chen Shilin)