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Issuing time:2021-12-21 14:38





Time flies quickly. Did you realize that it was the end of the seventh grade? Do you think that the time from when you first arrived in Heshi to the present flies very fast? At the end of the term, the students are preparing hard for the final battle. , Work twice as much as usual, sweat a bucket more than usual, and do something seriously twice as much as usual. Do you feel that more things are pressing on yourself now than usual? Do you feel that you are getting more and more pressure, so that you can't breathe...

Do you remember from many teachers, relatives, and friends that some students gave up their lives because of pressure? It was all because of their pressure and because their ability to resist pressure was too low, which led to their lives Finish. The fresh lives disappeared just because of this little pressure. Don't you think this is a pity? It shouldn't be. Pressure comes from many places, most of which come from life, work, study, and so on. From these aspects, it can be subdivided. At our age, the stress conference has a huge impact on us, so we must control the intensity of the pressure within a certain amount. Without pressure, there will be no motivation to move forward. If there is no pressure to drive ourselves forward, the pressure is too much. Can't bear it again.

Since the pressure comes from many places, if we want to relieve the pressure, we must find out the source of our pressure, otherwise it will be useless to cast the spell indiscriminately. If it comes from the learning aspect, then you have to improve your learning ability and work hard in weak subjects in order to improve the results of that subject and relieve the pressure. If it comes from life, there are many ways. For example, when there is nothing to do, go shopping with friends and spread stress and worry on shopping; you can also have a big meal with your friends and exert pressure on "eating"; you can also go for an afternoon tea , Cultivate and cultivate sentiment, relax and relax; you can also go to travel, watch the beautiful scenery, forget everything around you, forget all your troubles; you can also go to the amusement park to have a lot of fun, forget the sorrow in happiness; you can also be alone in quiet Under the environment, read books and fill yourself with knowledge.

There are countless "tips and tricks" to relieve stress, but you have to explore on your own and choose the right way to relieve stress according to your hobbies. Towards the end of the term, the students should not be under too much pressure, otherwise, they will be overwhelmed with breath, relax yourself appropriately and relieve the pressure! Because there are too many things in the world that will put you under pressure, and you can’t bear it. Coming.