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安溪铁观音 幸福时光

Issuing time:2021-12-21 14:36







My greatest wish is to be together happily as a family. The time spent with mom and dad will make me feel happy. Even in the cold winter, the happiness index will not weaken.

It was a winter morning, and a small pile of homework on the desk was finally "conquered" by me. I stretched my body and walked from the study to the living room. At a glance, I saw my mother sitting on the sofa holding a book and reading. My mother loves reading books very much. She likes all kinds of essays and novels. She especially likes to read history books, and she often asks me to read them with her.

At this moment, I seemed to be attracted by the magical powers, so I walked quietly behind her and glanced at it secretly. Oh, it's a book about the Forbidden City. I stood by my mother for a while, but my mother was too focused and didn't notice me, so I went back to the room and took out a copy of "Da Lin and Xiao Lin" that I hadn't finished reading, and sat next to my mother to look with relish.

Just when my mother and I were intoxicated in the book, my father came back. There is an unwritten rule in our family that if someone is reading a book, no one else can watch TV. So, Dad, who has never liked reading, reluctantly picked up a magazine and turned it over.

In this way, there was only the rustle of pages turning in the living room. At this time, on the coffee table, there is still forgotten honeysuckle tea, with a faint fragrance. On such a morning, even if I was not bathed in the warm sunshine, the scene of a family sitting together reading a book made me feel warm.

I like this quiet and harmonious feeling, and I prefer the atmosphere of such a family immersed in scholarship. I looked at my father and mother, and then picked up the book again, letting myself return to this simple happiness again.