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Issuing time:2021-12-19 18:09


福建农林大学叶乃兴教授专门对福鼎白茶茶树芽叶上的茸毛进行研究,结果显示,茶树芽叶茸毛的氨基酸含量显著高于茶身,酚氨比明显低于茶身。氨基酸是令人口腔产生鲜爽、甘甜感的物质,正是茸毛具有的高氨基酸含量和低酚氨比特性, 促进了白茶韵味的形成。

袁 弟顺也对福鼎白茶的白毫进行过研究。白毫内含物丰富,其氨基酸含量高于茶身,是白茶茶汤浓度与香气的基础物质之一。





What is the basis of "Haoxiangmiyun"?

The hair is the source of "honey fragrance". The production of Fuding White Tea Haoxiang is mainly based on raw materials, and the hairs on the buds and leaves of Fuding Dahao Tea and Fuding Dabai Tea are the basis of Haoxiangmiyun.

Professor Ye Naixing of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University conducted a special study on the hairs on the buds and leaves of Fuding white tea tea plants. The results showed that the amino acid content of the tea buds and leaves of the tea tree buds and leaves was significantly higher than that of the tea body, and the phenol-ammonia ratio was significantly lower than that of the tea body. Amino acids are substances that make the mouth feel fresh and sweet. It is the high amino acid content and low phenolic ammonia ratio of the hair that promote the formation of white tea flavor.

Yuan Dishun also conducted research on the pekoe of Fuding white tea. Pekoe is rich in content, and its amino acid content is higher than that of the tea body. It is one of the basic substances for the concentration and aroma of white tea tea soup.

What is the key to "Haoxiangmiyun"?

The production process is the key to Haoxiangmiyun. The white tea production process is natural. There are only two processes of withering and drying without frying or kneading. It does not need to use high temperature to keep the contents of the tea to the greatest extent, and more importantly, it retains the active enzyme components, making the white tea refined. It remains active after finished product.

When tea leaves are stored properly, the active enzymes work to cause the tea polyphenols in the contents to chemically react with theanine and other substances, thereby producing alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, lipids, soluble sugars, etc. "Fragrant honey rhyme" substance.

In fact, not all Fuding white teas have a bit of fragrant honey. Baihao Silver Needle, White Peony, and Premium Gongmeihao fragrance and honey are obvious, while other categories such as Shoumei, pressed white tea, and new craft white tea are not. But they will show other characteristics such as aging, medicinal or jujube fragrance, mellow taste, and various soup colors, which are also obsessed by tea customers.

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