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Unmanned tea room

Issuing time:2021-11-01 20:49

Recently, unmanned tea rooms have been sought after by many consumers because of their undisturbed, private and quiet nature. They have also attracted the attention of many merchants because of their low cost of opening a store, unattended, and convenient management. However, many people do not know what unmanned tea rooms rely on. To make money, so today I will show you all about it

The main source of income-the use of private rooms

Since its launch, the unmanned tea room has been questioned by many people, such as: "How can the merchant make money if the customer does not drink tea at the store?" Then Xiao Ming wants to say that unmanned tea rooms do not make money by selling tea, and merchants can make money if they drink tea or not!

Because the unmanned tea room mainly provides a place to drink tea, it charges a fee for the use of private rooms. For example, in the fashionable paid study room in recent years, some people spend money to find a place to study, then some people spend money to find a place to drink tea. You go to study in the study room, do you need to buy a book to learn? No, so you can drink tea without buying tea in the unmanned tea room. You can drink free tea provided by the merchant, you can drink a drink, and you can even bring your own tea to make. This is a lot of choices for customers, and they are very free.

For merchants, when customers book a private room online, they will pay a certain usage fee, such as 68 yuan per hour and 138 yuan for 2 hours. As for whether the customer wants to drink the tea that the merchant puts in the cabinet, it is theirs. Choose, but the premise is that you have already received a fee for the use of a private room, so you don’t need to think about promoting tea. This is fundamentally different from traditional teahouses. Traditional teahouses require customers to drink tea to produce consumption, and no one You can earn income as long as you use the tea room.

Other sources of income

Unmanned tearooms also have other sources of income. For example, merchants can put some tea that customers like to drink in self-service vending cabinets, such as Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, and Biluochun. Customers can choose to buy a small pot of tea or a small bag for brewing. If you like, you can also buy tea leaves in large cans, but in any case, customers buy tea for brewing, this is an extra income for the business. In addition, businesses can also put some snacks, drinks, etc. in other vending cabinets for customers to choose, which is also a source of income.

In short, the unmanned tea room merchants provide a place to drink tea and charge a fee for the use of private rooms, and the money for selling tea is the additional income of the merchant. This is the essential profit model of the unmanned tea room.