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Grasp the winter tube of Tieguanyin Tea Garden to ensure the quality of Tieguanyin tea in Anxi.

Issuing time:2021-11-01 20:47

The winter management level of tea gardens will directly determine the quality and output of spring tea in the coming year. In order to keep the output and quality of tea in Kaiyang 2022 able to maintain stable growth, all tea bodies in the county are seizing the opportunity to manage tea gardens in winter this winter.

Since the start of winter management in October, the Kaiyang County Tea Industry Development Service Center has been to the base to guide the winter field management of tea gardens 4 times, vigorously promote the quality and safety of agricultural products, especially the promotion of banned pesticides in tea gardens in Guizhou Province, and guide enterprises to scientifically and rationally use medicines on tea gardens. Carry out pest prevention and control. Up to now, more than 30 enterprises, cooperatives, and large households in Kaiyang County are carrying out winter management work, striving to close the park before the low temperature. To scientifically guide the winter management of tea gardens, and provide technical guidance for tea enterprises and tea farmers in the county: soil management, deep plowing and weeding of tea gardens and deep application of organic fertilizers or special fertilizers for tea, improving the soil and ensuring the nutrients required for the growth of tea trees; repairing in tea gardens Winter pruning of tea trees is an important technical link for high-quality and high-yield tea in the coming spring. Care should be taken to adapt measures to tree conditions. For adult tea gardens, light pruning and deep pruning should be adopted. ; Disease and insect pest control: clean the branches and weeds that carry pathogens and insect sources out of the garden, spray garden sealing drugs such as lime sulfur mixture, etc., to effectively control the remaining pathogens and insect sources.

The grown-up tea garden is pruning the tea garden.

Relevant experts from Kaiyang County Tea Industry Development Service Center train tea enterprises and tea farmers in terms of fertilization, weeding, pest control, tea pruning, and reprocessing to ensure that tea production technology can be popularized by every tea farmer. County tea industry has been developed better and faster