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Types of Oolong Tea

Issuing time:2021-11-01 10:53

Wu Yi Yan tea

Wuyiyan tea, as the name suggests, is produced in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. The Wuyiyan tea has a frog-like back shape, is fat and even, and has a smooth color.

When tasting tea, the taste is fresh and sweet, with a unique "rock rhyme", and the best in Wuyi rock tea is "Dahongpao".

Taiwan Oolong Tea

Taiwan Oolong tea is produced in Taiwan Province, China. The leaves of Taiwan Oolong are curly and copper-brown, and the tea soup is orange-red. Dongding Oolong is the most famous among Taiwan Oolongs.

Phoenix Dancong

The origin of Phoenix Dancong is mainly located in Wuyu Mountain, Fenghuang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. The leaves of Phoenix Dancong are curly, with a slight green in light yellow. Phoenix Dancong tea has a strong fragrance and a long-lasting taste.

Phoenix Narcissus

The origin of Phoenix Narcissus is located in Chao'an County, Guangdong Province. It is divided into three grades according to its quality: Narcissus, Langcai, and Dancong.

The leaves of phoenix narcissus are fat, oily and shiny, the tea soup is yellow, and the fragrance is long-lasting.


Tieguanyin is mostly produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province. The name "Tieguanyin" is not only the name of tea, but also a species of tea tree. The leaf structure is firm, the tea soup is light green, the tea fragrance is light but the bubble resistance is high, 7 bubbles There is still a lingering fragrance afterwards.