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Issuing time:2021-10-23 11:18

一. 铁观音诞生历史


二. 口感香气以及功效


三. 铁观音冲泡方法


1. History

To understand this tea, we must first understand its history. In the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, there was a Taoist monk who lived next to Sima Mountain in Gaoxi. He made tea for the people. The people thanked it for its grace and called the tree he planted a sacred tree. One day, after taking a bath and changing clothes, Master Puzu went to the sacred tree to pick tea. He found that the tea trees were densely covered with tea leaves and the deer came to eat tea. The monks were amazed that it was really a sacred tree. So he used this kind of tea as a medicinal material, and the effect was very good, and it also became a good prescription for him to treat illnesses and save people. When a person named Wang Shirang in the Qing Dynasty found a kind of tea passing by here, he forwarded it to Qianlong. After tasting it, Qianlong was full of praise for this tea. After careful observation, this tea has a dignified face like Guanyin, hence the name. As "Tieguanyin".

2. Taste, aroma and efficacy

After learning about its history, we must also understand about its taste and aroma as well as its unique effects. Its shape is dark green, and the tea leaves are granular with a delicate fragrance. You can smell it after brewing. Faint orchid aroma, full of charm. Its taste is mellow and rich, the tea has good stability, high temperature resistance, and the fragrance still can't fade after repeated brewing. In addition to the fragrant and elegant taste, it also has a unique effect. It can play a refreshing role. When we are tired, we can drink it to improve our work efficiency. It also helps digestion, can promote our digestion and relieve physical discomfort. It can also treat tooth sensitivity and help us alleviate dental diseases.

3. Brewing method

As a famous tea, of course, we have to understand the brewing method about it. First of all, we scald the small teapot with boiling water, firstly, it can play a role in disinfection and sterilization, and secondly, it can wake up the tea. After that, we put an appropriate amount of tea into the teapot and brewed it with boiling water. The water needs to be poured out the first two times of brewing. One is that the tea leaves have a bitter taste at first, and the other is that it can be used to wash the tea. It can give full play to its aroma in the third bubble. Taste its taste.