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Issuing time:2021-10-19 12:31


在清末时,剑斗镇仙荣村有个黄姓村民得了重症,恰逢农历正月,保生大帝神像出巡到剑斗,于是他抱住保生大帝真身,以求治病药方。保生大帝感其诚心托梦乩童派下药方:铁观音茶叶和其它草药等煎水一碗服用。他回家立马碾药服用,一个月以后,黄姓村民大病痊愈。 “用上好的陈茶和少量的食盐,用开水冲服,可以治疗肚子痛。用茶叶、川芎等可以治头疼……”在玉湖殿,驻殿道士钟万树拿出已经发黄的手抄书介绍说,这是他的祖辈流传下来的药书,相传是保生大帝传下治病救人的药方,里面记载着许多用茶叶组成的药方。

茶叶原来就是一味中药,味苦性寒,可以清热解毒,消食化积。保生大帝所用的苦茶很可能就是他们石门村现在漫山遍野的铁观音茶叶。 宋朝时对本草的认识水平还不高,正是保生大帝发现安溪铁观音茶叶诸多医疗功效,用茶叶组成的药方治愈了很多人的疾病,保障了群众的身体健康,为众多先民所爱戴和敬仰。

According to expert research, one of the core beliefs of the people on both sides of the strait, Baosheng the Great, was born in Gande Town, the “first town of tea in China”. The Northern Song Dynasty genius doctor Wu Kui is enshrined in the Yuhu Hall of Shimen Village, Gande Town. Wu Kui is known as Wu Zhenren, and he is also honored as Emperor Baosheng. In Gande Town, there are many stories and legends about Emperor Baosheng using tea to treat illnesses and save people, giving the local a strong mystery.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a villager surnamed Huang in Xianrong Village, Jiandou Township suffered a severe illness. On the first month of the lunar calendar, the statue of Emperor Baosheng went to Jiandou, so he hugged the real body of Emperor Baosheng to seek a cure for the disease. Emperor Baosheng felt his sincerity to entrust Meng Nitong to send a prescription: Tieguanyin tea and other herbs and other decoctions in a bowl. He went home and took the medicine immediately. A month later, the villager surnamed Huang recovered from a serious illness. "Using good old tea and a small amount of salt, and taking it with boiling water can cure stomach pain. Using tea, Chuanxiong, etc. can cure headaches..." In the Yuhu Temple, the resident Taoist Zhong Wanshu took out his yellowed hands. The copy of the book said that this is a medicine book handed down by his ancestors. According to legend, it is a medicine that was handed down by the Emperor Baosheng to cure diseases and save people. It contains many medicines made of tea.

Tea is originally a traditional Chinese medicine blindly. It has a bitter taste and cold nature. The bitter tea used by Emperor Baosheng was probably the Tieguanyin tea that is now full of mountains and plains in Shimen Village. In the Song Dynasty, the level of understanding of Materia Medica was not high. It was the Emperor Baosheng who discovered the many medical effects of tea. The prescription composed of tea cured many people's diseases, protected the health of the masses, and was loved and admired by many ancestors.

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