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Issuing time:2021-10-16 12:21










I don't know if you have ever encountered this kind of thing. When you prepare a task or plan with confidence, there will be a few people on the side who say something ridiculous or get questioned. Often what we need is only one encouragement from others, but what we often get is cold water poured by others.

It's really annoying enough.

But have you ever thought that other people's doubts or beliefs are actually their own ideas, and they don't have much connection with ourselves. In fact, we rely solely on ourselves and have nothing to do with others.

Go your own way and let others talk. The most important thing is whether you still have the courage to stick to the path you chose in the midst of the great doubts of others.

Kneeling to finish the road of our own choice, but often we listen to too many frustrated words and really have no energy to go on. Of course, if you go down then you will succeed.

Remember Zong Qinghou who started his business at the age of 42? He started his business at this age and was questioned and ridiculed by many people, but he believed that he would not give up and founded the Wahaha Group, which has repeatedly topped the list of the richest in mainland China.

This kind of people like Jack Ma and Lin Jiahao are quite right in many cases but telling us not to be influenced by the outside world. Others are not qualified to doubt you, no matter who it is. The only one who can control your destiny is yourself. As long as you stay firm and don't give up or doubt, you will prove yourself when you succeed. Most people in the world are laymen and there will not be so many Bole, but what if you are the great horse? Maybe you have to go through such a long period of perseverance and keeping a low profile before you can release the brilliance.

Anyway, don't give up lightly because of other people's doubts. The next winner is you. Don't believe their doubts. They are not you. How much can they understand you? They are not Gods. Why are they your God?

You are your own god, where you live.