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Issuing time:2021-10-06 20:46





其四 ,铁观音制作工序比较繁杂讲究,特别是现代新工艺又增加了摔打去红边这个步骤,会大量产生碎茶,也会影响到茶叶的成品率。







There are four main reasons:

First, the standard method of picking Tieguanyin tea is the "two, three leaves and one core" open-face picking. The water content in the tea is relatively high, and the stalks are many. If the tea is older, it will be more obvious.

Second, in addition to picking tea greens by hand, many people also use semi-mechanized methods such as sickles. In this way, sometimes they are picked back together with some old leaves and old tea stalks. In the end, they are yellow pieces, which are screened out during the picking process, which affects the yield of tea.

Third, because the tea core and the top of the leaves are relatively tender, it is extremely easy to form tea dust, red grains, etc. due to excessive fermentation or excessive extrusion during the production process, and they will also be removed in the last picking process.

Fourth, the production process of Tieguanyin is more complicated and exquisite, especially the modern new technology adds the step of beating to remove the red edge, which will produce a large amount of broken tea and also affect the yield of tea.

So, why is it said that the yield of Tieguanyin tea is relatively low? In fact, this is closely related to the production process of Tieguanyin.

Attention tea lovers who like to drink Tieguanyin! This kind of Tieguanyin comes from a traditional hand-made. The Guanyin rhyme and orchid fragrance are more obvious, and it is more resistant to soaking. Those who are interested, may wish to click on the link below to have a look:

The planting and harvesting of tea is an agricultural production activity, and it is a very hard job.

Under normal circumstances, these weight reductions should be calculated into the production cost, but in fact, many tea farmers brothers and sisters often do not calculate it in detail, which can be regarded as a mess.

If the quality of the tea in that year is not bad, it can be sold at a good price, of course there is nothing to say; if the quality is poor, it may be hard for a whole year without making much money.