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Issuing time:2021-10-06 10:38








Autumn tea has continued to be on the market. As the tea-producing regions and the climate of tea varieties are very different, the harvesting period of autumn tea can last for more than a month. At the appointment of tea friends, I asked me to write about the sun.

The purpose of drying, drying and shaking is to lose the moisture of the tea itself, accelerate the natural fermentation of fresh tea leaves, and form a unique fragrance of tea products. The quality of the drying is related to the loss of moisture of the fresh leaves, self-fermentation, and the potential of the tea. The quality, such as fragrance and so on.

The ancient way of drying green. After returning to Chaqing from the Chashan Mountain, spread the tea evenly on the plaque and put it on the tea rack.

When the sun is about to go down, first take out the plaque (commonly known as the bamboo pole) and put it on the wooden bamboo drying rack, and then take out the tea green, throw about one or two catties of the tea evenly on the plaque, and push it on the bamboo pole rack. Let the tea greens bathe in the soft sunlight, and the leaves are slightly drooping, so they should be put into the shaking room. This is the oolong tea drying process in my childhood memory. Most people in the village are experts at "opening green" when drying greens. Grab a large handful of fresh leaves on the plaque and shake them gently. The green tea on the plaque is evenly green. After dispersing, the green tea depends on the thickness of the green leaf surface and the greening time is selected. Usually, Oolong tea varieties such as Jingui and Qilan have thinner leaves. After being greened for more than ten minutes, the Shaoqingfang and Tieguanyin can be recovered. This mountain and other tea leaves are thick and heavy, so you should choose to spend more time in the sun, usually for more than half an hour. In case of rain or dew, the leaves should be sun-dried until there is no rain or dew. Until the leaf surface droops.

With the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", the way of drying greens is also advancing with the times. Tea farmers have innovated the drying of greens. The corner tea towel cloth is dried in gentle sunlight. When harvesting fresh tea leaves, you only need to lift the four corners gently, saving time and effort, and improving work efficiency.

With the advancement of science and technology, tea farmers have used "microwave" or "air conditioners" and "dehumidifiers" to replace sun-dried greens. However, the sun-dried green teas exude a natural fragrance, such as the fragrance of flowers and fruits. Floral fragrance, Huang Yun, etc., must be more favored by customers.

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