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Issuing time:2021-10-04 13:30







On a gurgling rainy night, the noise outside the curtain sets out the silence of the room. Slowly a pot of autumn tea is the fun of living alone. The days are shallow, and there must be a little movement, otherwise they will fall into the stubborn empty space, like cold water soaking stones, as boring, if the life is such a smokeless life, then it will be worthy of Hong Chen's training.

There can be many sayings about a pot of tea, and it can be said to be a mess, but when you return to this place, tea is still tea, and the people who drink it are the most kind. The light bitterness, the curling fragrance, the time of a cup of tea, the dust settles, after the ups and downs, it is calm and comfortable.

Tea is the mark of time, with depths and shallows, ups and downs, and finally settles into a bitter and sweet posture. Days are like this, plain and plain, but gentle as jade, and comfortable like a breeze caressing.

Borrow a cup of tea to take a break and savor the time. Life is misty. If you have a fleeting aftertaste, how many sorrows, how many times hurt the autumn? You still have to experience the warmth and sorrow by yourself, you can only know the joys and sorrows, the small building is full of wind, yesterday’s regret, the deepest part, it is as indifferent as tea.

The autumn water is silent, mountains and rivers are near, things have changed, and the original intention is still there. The good words don’t speak much, and the good thinkers don’t argue. Warmth at your fingertips, a cup of hot tea, it goes without saying that the one who pleases oneself, the first to please others, tea is the right medium, the world is complicated, the intensity is bitter and sweet, if you see through it, it is nothing more than red dust and heart training.