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Issuing time:2021-09-29 13:25



上联:爱妻 爱子 爱家庭 不爱喝茶等于零

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人送礼,讲究礼轻情意重,送茶其实不止是送安溪铁观音茶叶,更是送文化,中国茶文化5000多年。上下五千年,茶饮文化作为东方文明的象征,已根植于中国传统。开门七件事“柴米油盐酱醋茶”,中国人对茶的熟悉, 上至帝王将相、文人墨客,下至挑夫贩竹、平民百姓,无不以茶为好。而中国传统节日,七夕鹊桥以茶为媒、中秋月圆以茶怀乡、重阳尊老以茶益寿、春节欢庆以茶 待客等,茶饮不仅是亲朋团聚、传递祝福、表达感情的媒介,更演变为中国节日文化的特定符号。因此佳节送茶,送的更是文化与品位。


我们送礼,更讲究意义,单纯为了节日送礼,我们显得过于肤浅,送礼,意义深重。茶是世界第一大保健饮品,古有神农尝百草以茶解毒,喝茶能止渴生津、消食去腻、排毒醒酒、利尿通便、祛痛风、防 辐射、缓衰老等,古今医典、中外科研都肯定了其药用功效。特别是现代生活高压、人类亚健康状况日益明显,茶饮作为风靡全球的时尚养生品,“送茶更送健康”观念更是深入人心。




Tea is bought by the catty or drunk by the gram. One catty can be drunk for several months. Everyone thinks that good tea is really expensive. Cigarettes are bought according to the rules, and smoked by the box. A box of dozens of dollars and dozens of dollars is lost. Liquor is bought by bottle and drunk by catty. It costs about a hundred yuan per bottle, and the meal is dry.

We make a pot of tea, about 7-8 grams, everyone can drink 7-8 people. Drink a cup of tea, calm and healthy! Good tea is not expensive, and health is permanent! To send cigarettes and wine, it is better to send good tea, but also to send health!

Uplink: Love your wife, love your son, love your family, not love tea, is zero

Xialian: rich, powerful, successful, not giving tea all for nothing

Tea is the national drink, and culture is sent as soon as tea is sent

People give gifts, paying attention to the light and affection. In fact, sending tea is not only sending tea, but also sending culture. The Chinese tea culture is more than 5,000 years old. For five thousand years, tea drinking culture has been rooted in Chinese tradition as a symbol of Eastern civilization. The seven things to open the door are "chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea". Chinese people are familiar with tea, ranging from emperors, generals, literati and poets, to porters, bamboo sellers, and ordinary people, and they all prefer tea. In the traditional Chinese festivals, the Qixi Bridge uses tea as the medium, the Mid-Autumn Festival uses tea for nostalgia, the Chongyang Festival respects the elderly with tea for longevity, the Spring Festival celebrates with tea for guests, etc. Tea drinking is not only for family and friends reunion, convey blessings, and express feeling The medium has evolved into a specific symbol of Chinese festival culture. Therefore, to send tea during the festive season, it is more culture and taste.

Drink tea for health, send tea more for health

When we give gifts, we pay more attention to meaning. Simply for holiday gifts, we seem to be too superficial, giving gifts with profound meaning. Tea is the world's largest health drink. In ancient times, Shennong tasted herbs to detoxify with tea. Drinking tea can quench thirst, promote body fluids, eliminate food and greasiness, detoxify and sober up, diuretic and laxative, eliminate gout, prevent radiation, and slow aging. Ancient and modern medical classics, Chinese and foreign scientific researches have affirmed its medicinal effects. In particular, the high pressure of modern life and the increasingly obvious human sub-health status. As a fashionable health-preserving product that has swept the world, the concept of "sending tea more health" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The tea drinking culture is profound, and it is the culture of inheritance

China has a long history and culture, we need inheritors. Losing our tea culture is equivalent to losing our Chinese national spirit, so sending tea is more of a cultural heritage. Now everyone’s awareness of health care has increased, and more and more people are drinking tea. China is a country of etiquette, which emphasizes etiquette. Chinese people are warm and hospitable. Tea delivery has been popular for a long time, and the health benefits of tea have been favored by more people in recent years.

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