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Issuing time:2021-09-29 13:13









His feelings are rich, and he needs a nutrient to stabilize himself and calm himself down. Tea is a good thing with taste and subtlety. It can awaken a lot of numb nerves and cultivate your sensitivity.

If there is a very fragrant tea, you can taste it quietly and taste the true taste. In the process of tasting, you can realize some rules of your own life, or some methods of life, this is a kind of practice, one Kind of taste.

To taste good tea, although the environment in which the tea grows and tastes is very important, in fact the best tea is the most suitable tea. After the time of tasting tea is long, there will be many things to realize, and some nutrients of the spirit of tea ceremony left by the ancestors can be understood, that is, "tea and Zen blindly."

The spirit of tea ceremony is similar to Zen. It can also be said that tea theory is Zen theory. Zen emphasizes self-understanding, which is the so-called "understanding of mind and nature." It urges people to be more open-minded. From this point of view, tea can make people calm, not chaotic, not annoying, have fun, but also be restrained, and adapt to the Buddhist rules of Zen. Ring to adapt.

The monks in the temple not only drink tea, but also combine the philosophical spirit of Zen with tea through the creation of a tea-drinking mood. Chinese Buddhism advocates "enlightenment." If you take things lightly, it means "enlightenment."

To have spiritual sustenance in tea is also a kind of "enlightenment." Therefore, it is said that drinking tea can gain Tao, and there is Tao in tea, and Zen and tea are connected. The tea people hope to integrate themselves with the landscape, nature, and the universe through tea drinking, and seek beautiful rhythm and spiritual release in tea drinking, which is consistent with the idea of Zen.

Good tea has been in line with the needs of human development since ancient times. People need tea to express their feelings and taste good tea. In addition to the material properties of tea itself, it must also be combined with tea culture, human thoughts, and so on.