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Issuing time:2021-09-18 10:30



但是铁观音确实应该先洗茶,不过不应该叫洗茶,应该叫“浸茶”或“温茶”较为确切和科学。 第一泡的铁观音用少量的水,快速冲一下倒出来时间不要超过3秒,这么做法是为了醒茶,一来茶叶平时冷藏放,二来铁观音做的比较紧结,得让她舒展一下筋骨。



There are many misunderstandings about washing tea. When people use teapots to brew Anxi Tieguanyin, they usually pour out the first tea water, which is called "washing tea". Some tea people explain this because they want to wash away the unclean inclusions such as tea ash and dust in the tea. They think that people who do not "wash tea" are "not hygienic" and "do not understand tea art."

Only 2% of the impurities or pesticide residues are washed out of the tea, so everyone says it is for cleanliness, which is simply wrong! And not all teas can be washed, such as green tea, the texture is not very tight, so "washing tea", even the tea essence is also washed away unknowingly, the first tea has more active ingredients, such as tea polyphenols , Amino acids, ether extracts, etc., are not only beneficial to human health, but also show the deliciousness of tea. According to related experiments, the aroma of tea and the ingredients beneficial to the human body start to be leached 3 seconds after the first infusion. If the tea is poured over 3 seconds, the effective ingredients in the tea will be lost in a large amount.

But Tieguanyin really should wash tea first, but it should not be called wash tea, it should be called "dipping tea" or "warm tea", which is more accurate and scientific. Use a small amount of water to make the first Tieguanyin, and pour it out for no more than 3 seconds. This method is to wake up the tea. Firstly, the tea leaves are usually kept in cold storage. Secondly, the Tieguanyin made it is tighter and has to be stretched. Take a look at the bones and muscles.

Let me tell the host how to drink tea. Green tea is best served in 3-5 cups. Tieguanyin has a tight texture and can be more than 5, and if it is good, it can reach 7. Soak in water, the temperature is about 90 degrees, the first water washes the tea and warms the cup, the second water is fragrant for 15 seconds, and each subsequent course is delayed for 15 seconds, preferably no more than seven courses of tea, if it is basic spring tea It is five ways, without obvious tea aroma, it belongs to tea dregs. Although it tastes and has no health care effect, Tieguanyin will taste better as long as it tastes. The aftertaste of tea is unique to good tea, so it is better to taste tea with new tea

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