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Issuing time:2021-09-18 10:04








There is no wine, no feast, no spicy food.” If it’s cold, eat spicy food. Whether it’s bean paste or chopped pepper sauce, every household in this family has its own tips. I put iron in this year’s chopped pepper sauce. Guanyin tea. This is learned from an old man who is good at making chopped pepper sauce, because the taste of chopped pepper is usually very choking, but adding a little Tieguanyin tea soup to warm it up will not destroy the original fragrance of chopped pepper, but also Add a matcha fragrance.

Thinking of the recipe of Souzao sauce and adding pine nuts, peanuts and Tieguanyin tea leaves, I can eat a lot without rice, but it’s a bit spicy, so don’t buy the ones that can’t be spicy. I’m afraid of making you so hot. What should I do hahahaha

It’s not enough to just set the formula. The quality of various raw materials is more important. Only when the taste is right can you have a spicy bite. I tried several kinds of peppers for the brand, and finally settled on Qingjing Ertiao pepper and red millet, with red and green paired with the old partner. It's spicy and crispy, mild spicy and sweet back to sweetness, and the spiciness is just right. In order to let everyone taste the original "freshness" of peppers, fresh peppers are collected and transported in the cold chain throughout the whole process, and the fresh peppers are locked into sauce within 3 hours.

The tea finally picked Tieguanyin, one of the top ten famous teas in China, which is also the origin of the name "Tieguanyin Chopped Chili Sauce". We also specially inspected the producing area of Tieguanyin-the "Hometown of Famous Tea" in Anxi County, Fujian Province, where the tea produced there is rich in fragrance and it blends well with chopped pepper.

The other flavor, wild red pine nuts, comes from the virgin forests of Changbai Mountain. It takes at least 52 years for each red pine tree to bear the plump, oily and crispy red pine nuts.

The sauce-making factory is even more important. The cleanliness level of this factory we set is the pharmaceutical standard, and at the same time, it can meet the freshness and timeliness of fresh pepper to the greatest extent-from the field to the factory as fast as one hour, even if it is abroad the next day. The wild spiciness of fresh pepper blends the fragrance of tea leaves and the crispness of pine nuts, and finally this pot of "spicy and crispy" complete chopped pepper sauce. A spoonful of stomach, fragrant and spicy enough to be enjoyable!