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铁观音 正酸“歪酸 青酸 鲜酸 煌口酸 青煌酸

Issuing time:2021-09-18 09:46









There has always been a lot of controversy about acid-traditional Guanyin’s acid with sour Tieguanyin. This is caused by the two types of acids in Tieguanyin that are currently light-haired. They are popularly referred to as "ortho acid" and "deviant acid" on the Internet. , But there has never been a clear explanation of what is positive acid and what is crooked acid. To explain this concept, we must start with acid.


In the traditional Guanyin era before the mid-90s, Guanyin with sour iron was considered synonymous with climax products. Such products are extremely rare. They all have a strong penetrating power and a feeling of drilling between teeth. After drinking, not only does it feel To the strong and long-lasting sweetness, there is also a clear sense of body fluid, giving people a wonderful drinking experience-acid and fluid generation, such tea is called the top product, there is no objection, but with the arrival of the commercial era, the industry Simply describe it as "sour" tea is the best tea. It happens that the light hair process can easily make Tieguanyin feel sour or even sour, resulting in a large number of sour products, and this kind of sour light-haired Guanyin and traditional Guanyin "Acid produces fluid, regains sweetness for a long time" and so on are completely different concepts.


Regarding the acid-the acid of the light Guanyin, this is not to say that the acid of the light Guanyin is useless. A considerable part of the tea is made by the acid method. If it is not handled properly, various problems can easily occur, such as the weird sour taste in the tea soup, Or Gaixiang has an unpleasant acidity and is almost unsweetened, and it is difficult to give people a good feeling after drinking. Obviously, this kind of product is not a high-quality product.


Another part of the successfully manufactured Qingfa Guanyin will also have "sour"-but it is an olfactory concept rather than a taste concept, that is, the lid smells slightly sour and has no peculiar smell, the acid and orchid fragrance in the lid incense At the same time, the tea is mainly composed of elegant orchid fragrance; at the same time, the tea soup tastes without sourness. This type of fragrance is called "blue acid" or "green acid"; if the tea still has obvious bright mouth characteristics, it is generally called "brilliant acid" or "green acid". However, no matter what grade product is, it is more difficult to feel acid and produce fluid. This is probably determined by the light hair craft.