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Issuing time:2021-09-17 19:38


泡一杯浓度适中的安溪铁观音茶水,一般需要5-8克左右的茶叶,白茶3-5克。有的人喜欢 泡浓茶,茶水太浓,浸出过多的咖啡因和鞣酸,对胃肠刺激性太大。泡一杯茶以 后可续水再泡3-4杯。




沏茶宜用陶瓷壶、杯,不宜用保温杯。因用保温杯泡茶,茶水较长时间保持高温 ,茶叶中一部分芳香油逸出,使香味减少;浸出的鞣酸和茶碱过多,有苦涩味,因而也损失了部分营养成分。




用沸腾的开水泡茶,要因茶而异。泡黑茶、红茶、青茶或白茶中的贡眉、寿眉,可以用沸水冲泡,水温高才能泡开茶叶,让茶叶中的营养物质充分释放。但如果 是黄茶、绿茶,用沸水冲泡则会破坏很多营养物质。例如维生素C、维生素P等, 在水温超过80℃时就会被破坏,还易溶出过多的鞣酸等物质,使茶带有苦涩味。 因此,泡茶的水温一般应掌握在70℃-80℃。尤其是绿茶,如温度太高,茶叶泡熟,变成了红茶,便失去了绿茶原有的清香、爽凉味。


Inappropriate way 1: Get used to making strong tea

To make a cup of moderately concentrated tea, you generally need about 5-8 grams of tea leaves and 3-5 grams of white tea. Some people like to make strong tea. If the tea is too strong, too much caffeine and tannic acid are leached, which is too irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. After making a cup of tea, you can refill the water and make another 3-4 cups.

Inappropriate way 2: Tea time is too long

It is best to drink the tea within 1 minute of soaking, and some can produce water in just a few seconds or 10 seconds, so it is not suitable to soak for a long time. Therefore, 80% of caffeine and 60% of other soluble substances have been soaked. If the time is too long, the tea will have a bitter taste. Tea that has been boiled for a long time on a thermos or on a stove is prone to chemical changes and should not be drunk.

Inappropriate way three: make tea with a thermos cup

It is advisable to use ceramic pots and cups for tea, but not thermos cups. Because the tea is made with a vacuum flask, the tea water is kept at a high temperature for a long time, and a part of the aromatic oil in the tea escapes, which reduces the fragrance; the tannic acid and theophylline are too much leached, which has a bitter and astringent taste, and thus also loses part of the nutrients.

Inappropriate way 4: throw away the soaked tea

Most people throw away the used tea after making tea. In fact, this is uneconomical. You can chew the tea and then spit it out, because the tea contains more carotene, crude fiber and other nutrients.

Inappropriate way five: make tea with boiling water

Make tea with boiling water, depending on the tea. The Gongmei and Shoumei in black tea, black tea, green tea or white tea can be brewed with boiling water. Only when the water temperature is high can the tea leaves be brewed, so that the nutrients in the tea can be fully released. But if it is yellow tea or green tea, brewing with boiling water will destroy many nutrients. For example, vitamin C, vitamin P, etc., will be destroyed when the water temperature exceeds 80°C, and too much tannic acid and other substances are easily dissolved, which makes the tea have a bitter and astringent taste. Therefore, the water temperature for making tea should generally be controlled at 70°C-80°C. Especially for green tea, if the temperature is too high, the tea leaves will become black tea after being soaked, and the original fragrance and cool taste of green tea will be lost.

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