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夏天喝什么茶好 安溪铁观音  白茶 红茶 绿茶

Issuing time:2021-09-16 12:00

预防中暑 喝白茶、藤茶



提神养胃 喝红茶



防晒防辐射 喝绿茶



消食去腻 喝普洱茶




Prevent heatstroke, drink white tea, rattan tea

Warm weather is prone to heat stroke, especially for people who often go out to work and play. At this time, all you need is white tea. White tea is a kind of tea that is only slightly fermented through processes such as curing and drying. It is cool in nature. Moreover, tea is rich in amino acids, which has the effect of reducing heat and relieving heat, which can prevent heat stroke.

Drinking taboo: New white tea is slightly cold in nature, so people with cold stomach should drink less and cannot drink on an empty stomach, and must choose old tea more than 5 years old.

Refresh and nourish stomach, drink black tea

In summer, people's energy is very poor, often drowsy, and very tired. The caffeine rich in black tea can stimulate the nerve center, speed up our blood circulation, promote metabolism, which can refresh the brain and relieve fatigue. In summer, we also always like to eat some frozen food or cold drinks to "cool down" ourselves. As everyone knows, it is easy to hurt the fragile spleen and stomach. The black tea is hot and has the effect of warming the stomach and protecting the stomach. Therefore, black tea is also suitable for drinking in summer.

Drinking taboos: drinking black tea in summer is not suitable for cold drinks, which will affect its effect of warming the stomach and protecting the stomach, so be sure to drink hot or warm.

Sun protection and radiation protection, drink green tea

Sun protection in summer is a huge "project" for beauty-loving MMs. In addition to applying sunscreen, you can also drink green tea to protect yourself from the sun. The catechins contained in green tea have a strong antioxidant function, which can reduce sunburn and damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin. At the same time, green tea also has the effect of anti-radiation. For office workers who face the computer all day, drinking some green tea is the best anti-radiation.

Drinking taboos: The elderly and those with poor gastrointestinal conditions should not drink strong green tea; in addition, remember not to drink green tea on an empty stomach, as this will cause serious damage to the stomach.

Digest food and remove greasiness, drink Pu'er tea

The hot weather makes people's intestines and stomach very squeamish, either because they have a bad appetite or they are prone to indigestion after eating. The caffeine and flavanol compounds in Pu'er tea can increase the peristalsis of the digestive tract, help the digestion of food, and achieve the effect of eliminating food and relieving greasiness. The best time to drink Pu'er tea is a cup of cooked Pu'er before meals to nourish the stomach; after a meal, you can drink a cup of raw Pu'er to remove fat.

Drinking taboo: Pregnant women should not drink Pu'er tea, whether it is cooked Pu'er tea or raw Pu'er tea; at the same time, patients with ulcer disease should not drink Pu'er tea; Otherwise, people with poor stomach should drink cooked Pu'er tea.