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Issuing time:2021-09-16 11:44







东方美人,这是一个听到名字就觉得喝了会变美的茶好吗?! 事实上,也确实如此。首先,茶汤颜色就美。 东方美人的茶汤呈现琥珀色泽,口感醇厚甘醇,听说曾经连维多利亚女王都对它赞不绝口。










Oolong tea, one of the six major teas in China, is also known as green tea. Oolong tea is known as "beauty tea" and "fitness tea" in Japan because it has significant effects in decomposing fat, losing weight and bodybuilding, and has gained the love of most female tea lovers.

And there are many varieties of oolong tea. I will have a brief chat with you today, which one is your love?


Tieguanyin is probably the most well-known variety in oolong tea. Generally, even those who do not drink tea should know it. Tieguanyin has a natural fragrant orchid fragrance, which is more likely to be loved by female tea lovers! In addition, it has a mellow and sweet taste, a long-lasting sweetness, and a unique "phonology".

Of course, the most important thing is that the effect of beauty and weight loss is very attractive to women, I understand it!

▌Oriental beauty

Oriental beauties, this is a tea that feels beautiful after drinking it when you hear its name?! In fact, it is true. First of all, the color of the tea soup is beautiful. The tea soup of oriental beauties is amber and has a mellow and mellow taste. I heard that even Queen Victoria once praised it.

And the most special thing is that Oriental Beauty has the fragrance of ripe fruits and honey, and also has the effect of beauty and weight loss.

▌Da Hong Pao

Dahongpao is not black tea! Dahongpao is not black tea! Tea friends remember that when friends and colleagues say that Dahongpao is black tea, please remember to give them a fascinating smile.

Dahongpao ranks first among Wuyi rock teas. It belongs to the oolong category. It has the fragrance and mellowness of black tea. It is famous for warming the stomach, nourishing the stomach, scraping oil and reducing fat. The beauty and slimming effect makes women unable to resist Dahongpao. Don't talk about you, Da Hong Pao, who even the editor can't resist, looks warm.

▌Phoenix Narcissus

The phoenix daffodils have a natural floral fragrance and honey, the taste is mellow and refreshing, and it is resistant to brewing. Women often drink phoenix daffodils, which can break down excess fat, beautify and exercise, after all, body shape is the most important thing!

▌Phoenix Dancong

The most attractive part of Fenghuang Dancong is not only its beauty and beauty benefits, but also a variety of charming floral fragrances. What gardenia fragrance, natural orchid fragrance, osmanthus fragrance, honey fragrance, almond fragrance, natural jasmine fragrance and grapefruit fragrance, which one is not the favorite of women?