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Issuing time:2021-09-15 20:55







The tea art of Oolong tea is highly appreciative and pays attention to every step of the way. Only in this way can the best taste of Oolong be exuded. But how to brew oolong tea to release its excellent taste? Today, the editor of Huaxiangyuan Tea will introduce the best brewing method for oolong tea.

Generally, green tea is brewed with about 75 to 80 degrees of water, so many friends don’t dare to use boiling water when brewing oolong tea, for fear that the ingredients in the tea will be spoiled and the tea soup will be lost. Original taste. But in fact, oolong tea can not only be brewed with boiling water, it also needs boiling water to brew the leaves of the tea leaves. "The surface of the water is like a hole bead, and its sound is like a pine wave. This is a soup." This soup is a secret weapon for making a good oolong.

After the water boils, put the tea in the ratio of tea to tea at a ratio of 1:30. Usually, the oolong tea we buy on the market has been prepared for each brewing. Just take out a packet of tea and put it in a tureen. , And then "hang the pot high flush", pour boiling water into the bowl until the bowl is full, and then immediately use the lid to gently scrape off the foam floating on the surface of the tea soup. Although some studies have shown that tea foam contains beneficial elements, it will affect the taste of tea soup during the actual tasting of tea, so we can decide whether we need to scrape off the tea foam according to our own situation.

When starting to inject water, the flushing must be raised high, so as to ensure that the tea in the bowl can roll and dance under the excitement of the water flow, so that every side of the tea can be moisturized by the water and promote the flavor of the tea. After the tea is made, it is poured into a fair cup through a strainer to make the tea soup uniform in intensity, which is the concept of tea ceremony that everyone is equal in tea matters. The so-called "pour high and low pour", when pours tea for guests, we can no longer pour tea for guests from a high place. We need to lean the fair cup low and low against the edge of the tea cup and pour it slowly so that the tea can be gathered. Fragrant, the tea soup is rich in aroma, moisturizing and mellow, fresh and smooth.

Tasting oolong, focusing on the "scent, clear, sweet and lively", first admire the color of the tea soup, then smell the aroma of the tea soup, hold up the tea cup in the posture of "three dragons guarding the tripod", first feel the taste of the tea soup with the tip of your tongue After filling the mouth, send the tea soup into the throat. Oolong tea pays attention to "throat rhyme", so that brewing and drinking can taste the true taste of oolong.