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最安溪铁观音产地体验馆 市区特色产业文化展示馆

Issuing time:2021-09-14 10:44


最安溪铁观音产地体验馆 市区特色产业文化展示馆







最安溪铁观音产地体验馆 市区特色产业文化展示馆




The city exhibition hall is a microcosm of a city and an important platform for spreading city culture and displaying city image. Recently, two more characteristic industrial cultural exhibition halls in the county and urban area have been added to Zhongshan Road in the ancient city of Quanzhou. The "Most Anxi Experience Hall" and the Dehua "China White Promotion and Exhibition Center" have been opened, and the Yongchun Hall at 108-110 Zhongshan Middle Road is still under construction. After completion, it can be visited by citizens and friends.

Taste the "most Anxi" tea rhyme

"The Most Anxi Experience Hall" is located at No. 23 Zhongshan Middle Road, Quanzhou, at the entrance of Jinyu Alley, opposite the entrance of the Mansion Confucian Temple Pan Palace. Step into the first floor of the experience hall, the tea smells fragrant, where you can taste the local characteristics of Anxi Tieguanyin, you can also enjoy the national intangible cultural heritage bamboo and rattan weaving, Anxi's beautiful business card rattan iron craft, and the lake known as the "king of rice noodles" Top rice noodle making skills, and more fragrant red rice wine waiting for visitors to taste.

Most Anxi Experience Hall

In the "Cultural and Tourism Resources Promotion and Exhibition" area, the beauty of natural mountains and rivers such as Yunzhong Mountain and Ziyun Mountain are displayed. There are also cultural treasures such as the Millennium Confucian Temple, Qingshui Rock, and Li Guangdi's Former Residence. There are Gaojia Opera, Nanyin, Tea Songs and Tea Dances. And other folklore inheritance. Going deeper, there is a "Zen Tea Space", which interprets the interior design with the charm of Zen and aims to reflect the communication between man and nature. Came to another "research space", equipped with complete tools to facilitate on-site teaching and on-site experience.

Enjoy Chinese White Art Feast

Dehua kiln has a long history and has gone through thousands of years of wind and frost. It has left a glorious stroke in the history of Chinese ceramics. In the history of world ceramics, the term "Chinese white" has become synonymous with Dehua white porcelain.

China White Promotion Exhibition Center

Located at No. 151 Zhongshan Middle Road, the China White Promotion and Exhibition Center has two floors. The first floor is the retail promotion area, and the second floor is the ceramic art exhibition area and cultural and creative activities exchange area. The center aims to connect the Dehua ceramics industry and establish a comprehensive offline ceramic experience center including ceramic history and culture display, ceramic product sales, tasting, collection, and customization, so that people can enjoy the long history and culture of Dehua ceramics while enjoying the long history and culture of Dehua ceramics. Recognize the high spiritual value of ceramics, broaden the sales channels of Dehua ceramics, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of Dehua ceramics industry. Hundreds of products such as traditional sculptures, artistic ornaments, daily-use ceramics, and craft ceramics are exhibited in the center, which is like a grand art exhibition.