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The difference in the growth environment of tea from north to south

In general, tea trees are subtropical plants and are most suitable for growing in warm and humid climates. That's why Anhui Qihong, Fujian Dahongpao, Jiangsu and Zhejiang famous green tea, Yunnan Pu'er and other famous teas are famous at home and abroad. Of course, the Yangtze River basin and most areas south of the Yangtze River are also suitable for tea growth, but unlike Hainan and Yunnan, tea trees are always green all the year round. Tea trees in these areas have to "hibernate".

To this end, professionals in the tea industry have also summarized the environment suitable for tea plant growth from the aspects of soil, sunlight, temperature, moisture, etc.: like acid and alkali, light and afraid of sun, warm and cold, and wet and afraid of waterlogging. Let's add some knowledge together. ~

Soil: Acidophilus

Tea trees are more suitable for growing in weakly acidic soil. From the tea gardens in southwest my country, it can be seen that most of the soil in this area is acidic soil, and scientists have also found that masson pine also likes to grow on acidic soil. , Rhododendrons and ferns, so if tea lovers want to open a tea garden, remember to find these "identifying plants"~

Sunshine: Happy to light and afraid of the sun

More than 90% of the biological production in tea requires sufficient light for photosynthesis. At the same time, tea is also afraid of strong light. Therefore, places with clouds and mist in high mountain tea gardens are most suitable for tea growth.

Temperature: love warmth and be afraid of cold

Why is there little tea production in the north? The biggest reason is cold. According to the analysis of tea industry experts, the starting temperature of tea plant growth is about 10°C. Of course, the specific temperature varies according to different tea varieties, but the large-leaf species are generally -6°C, and the medium and small-leaf species are -12°C to -15°C. As soon as winter enters the north, the lowest temperature reaches -30°C, and it is difficult for tea trees to survive.

Moisture: likes wet and afraid of waterlogging

Tea trees are also very picky about soil moisture. On the one hand, they require sufficient water supply and cannot be seasonal and long-term droughts. For example, when the north reaches the summer and autumn season, the drought begins, which is very detrimental to the growth of tea trees. On the other hand, it requires no serious water accumulation. In swamps, depressions, the root system of tea plants will be hindered.

Differences in tea drinking habits between North and South

The tea culture runs through the history of our country for more than 5,000 years. Traveling all over the country, you will find that the Chinese people's love for tea is "similar to honey." However, human life customs still have differences between North and South, so how can the habits of drinking tea be the same?

From the perspective of human temperament

The northerners drink tea ruggedly and boldly, eating meat and drinking, and drinking tea at the same time; while the southerners behave fresh and graceful, sipping tea carefully, and one pot of tea can last an afternoon.

From the perspective of tea preference

Northerners like scented tea because of its strong aroma, which saves time and effort and is suitable for cattle. Southerners like many kinds of tea, including green tea, black tea, white tea, dark tea, and green tea.

From the difference of tea sets

Southerners will equip the most suitable tea sets according to different types of tea. Gongfu tea has a special set of tea sets, and a special smelling cup is used to smell the fragrance; but the northerners pursue simplicity and can make a cup directly with a large bowl. Tea.

From the perspective of tea drinking culture

The reason for drinking tea in the north is very simple. It is to get thirsty, so they like to slurp up tea; while southerners drink tea more for making friends and negotiating business. Gongfu tea is always indispensable for business.

Regardless of the tea growing environment or the tea drinking habits of the Chinese people, there are still many differences between the South and the North, but no matter how big the difference is, the Chinese people's love for tea is the same.