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Let's share some tips for buying tea. I dare not say that you can buy absolutely good tea 100%, but the quality is definitely not bad. It can be said that it is excellent value for money. Even the tea shop owner will praise you for your professionalism.

one look

Look at the shape, color and tenderness of the tea. Good tea leaves generally have the same length and color. If the tea leaves are of different lengths, irregular shapes, etc., the workmanship is rough, so it is recommended not to buy them. There is a layer of white fluff on the surface of a good tea. This is also called the tea mill. It is also an important indicator of judging the tenderness of the tea.

Tea mills are rich in theanine and tea polyphenols, which have good health effects on the human body, so it is definitely better to drink more tea than less tea. A large number of high-grade Gongfu black tea, high-grade famous green tea, and white tea are very demanding. For example, the high-grade Qihong and Dianhong are best shown in the bud tip; Huangshan Maofeng, Dongting Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, etc. are exposed with Pekoe; Junshan Yinzhen, Huoshan Huangya, etc. are exposed with gold; Baihao Yinzhen, White Peony It is famous for its revealing of silver.

Second, touch

It is mainly to estimate the tightness, weight, and thickness of the ropes or particles. Those who are relatively heavy are better, and those who are rough, old and light are worse. Pick a piece of dry tea at will and twist it between your thumb and index finger. If it is a powder, the dryness is sufficient; if it is small particles, the dryness is insufficient, or the tea has absorbed moisture.

Three, smell

To smell the taste of tea, there are usually two ways to smell it, that is, "dry smelling" and "making tea". Summarizing the experience of tea people in the past, the aroma of good tea should have the "four nos", that is, it is not vulgar and not superficial. , Not monotonous, not impetuous. After the tea has been brewed in boiling water for five minutes, pour out the tea and smell the tea bowl to see if its aroma is normal. Pleasant aromas such as floral, fruity, and honey aroma are preferred. The smell of smoke, rancidity, mold, and old fire is often caused by poor manufacturing and handling or poor packaging and storage.

The tea soup of the top-quality green tea should be light green or yellow-green, clear and bright, the taste is fresh, the aftertaste is strong, and the tongue is full of fluid; the tea soup of the top-grade black tea should be red and bright, the taste is strong, strong, and fresh; good oolong tea The tea soup should be green, brown and smooth, with a mellow taste and strong aroma.

Four, product

A good cup of tea must have a rich taste, it not only requires the taste of the tea soup to have a feeling of continuous breeding; but after ingestion, it still produces endless aftertaste and aftertaste. There are some teas that feel sweet and smooth when drunk, but after drinking, there is no aftertaste. Where the tea soup is mellow and fresh, it means that the water extract content is high and the ingredients are good. The tea soup is bitter and rough and old means that the water extract composition is not good. The weak and thin tea soup indicates insufficient water extract content.


In addition to the above four points, when we buy tea, we must also pay attention to these. No matter what kind of tea is named "Da Ming Tau", where oolong is "Tieguanyin, Dongding or Dahongpao", where is fried green. That is, "Longjing, Generous", don't buy any slender, such as "Biluochun", etc. In addition, you can't buy tea with luxurious packaging, and you can't buy tea with extremely cheap prices, such as 9.9 yuan online.