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1. Use tea

  Prepare some good Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin is a semi-fermented tea. It is brewed by the method of kung fu tea, and the taste is unusually sweet and fragrant. Both fully fermented black tea and non-fermented green tea are not suitable for brewing Kung Fu tea.


  Nacha is also called Long Entering Urn. Put relatively broken tea leaves on the bottom and put them intact on top. This will ensure that there will not be too much powder, because it is very impolite to have too much powder in a cup of tea. The tea only needs to reach half of the tea pot, because Tieguanyin will swell when exposed to water.

   Three, make tea

   The temperature of the water for making tea should be controlled well. The ancient standard was that boiling water was served from the charcoal stove, and the temperature was the most suitable for a time of seven steps away. The method of flushing water is "high flush and low sprinkle", flush the water along the edge of the tea pot, avoid flushing the heart of the pot. Then use the lid to scrape away the tea foam from the mouth of the jar, and then cover it.

   Four, drenching tank

   Put the lid on the pot and pour it on the pot with boiling water, which is called the drenching pot. The pot has three functions: one is to make the hot air attack inside and outside, forcing the tea fragrance to evaporate quickly, and add heat; the second is to stay for a while, and the water in the can is completely dry, that is, the tea is ripe; the third is to wash away the tea foam outside the pot.

   Five, hot cup

  The most artistic step to make Kung Fu tea is to burn the cup. It is said that some elderly people in Chaoshan can wash two cups with both hands at the same time, with quick movements, a sonorous voice and a beautiful posture. After blanching the cup, the water on the outside of the teapot has just evaporated, and you can start to sprinkle tea, also called split tea.

   Six, sprinkle tea

   Sprinkling tea is the last process of making Kung Fu tea. It is necessary to master the four-character tactics of "low, fast, uniform, and exhausted". "Low" is very important. If high, the fragrance will be lost, and the bubbles will rise, which is disrespectful to the guests. "Fast" refers to the speed to ensure that the fragrance is not lost and the temperature of the tea will not decrease. "Even" refers to the time when tea is poured It must be turned like a wheel, and each cup should be evenly sprinkled in turn. You can't sprinkle one cup before sprinkling another; "Exhaustion" refers to forcefully pour the remaining tea soup in the tea pot into each cup. Don't underestimate this step. The last order is the essence of tea, which can add color and flavor to each cup of tea.

   Seven, drink tea

   gently held up the teacup, all fingers should be pointed at oneself, not towards the tea maker, otherwise it would appear impolite. Smell the tea first, then drink it up in three sips and savor it carefully.

  The tea brewed by Kung Fu tea brewing method has a different taste for each brew, and the first three brews are the most classic. Moreover, the Tieguanyin used is different, and the taste of the tea soup is also different.