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安溪铁观音秋季茶王赛将启动 最高奖金10万元

Issuing time:2021-09-10 21:47







On September 9, Anxi County held a press conference, announcing that the Tieguanyin Autumn Tea King Competition will be launched on September 24, with the highest prize of 100,000 yuan.

Conference scene

   On the same day, the event introduced the preparations and review rules for the 2021 "Postal Benefits" Anxi Tieguanyin Autumn Tea King Competition. As one of Anxi County’s "Celebrate Farmers’ Harvest Festival and Taste Anxi Tieguanyin" activities, Anxi Tieguanyin tea-themed stamps and a variety of cultural and creative collections will be issued together.

   As early as the Song and Yuan dynasties, Anxi tea as an important commodity went to the world along the "Maritime Silk Road", spreading to 58 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, West Africa, and North Africa. At present, the Anxi tea export market represented by Tieguanyin has formed a market network with Japan and Southeast Asia as the mainstay, and Russia, Europe and the United States as a supplement, and the products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. At the same time, "Anxi Tieguanyin" has applied for trademark registration in 46 countries and regions around the world, and is developing towards an international brand.

"The people of Anxi have had the fine tradition of fighting tea and tea competitions for a long time." Chen Qingfang, vice chairman of the Anxi County Political Consultative Conference, said that the cooperation with postal enterprises to organize such a large-scale and high-level event is not only the county party committee and the county government vigorously promoting the development of the tea industry. , An important measure to help tea farmers increase their income and become rich. It is also an important carrier for building Anxi tea brand by leveraging on the advantages of China Post’s platform and network. It is also an important carrier for showing Anxi tea industry’s new achievements after continuous innovation and development in a wider field. A grand meeting to seek cooperation and development from all walks of life at a higher level.

   It is understood that this event was hosted by China Post Group Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Anxi County People's Government and Quanzhou Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd. There will be one gold prize each with a bonus of 100,000 yuan each, two silver prizes each with a bonus of 25,000 yuan each; three bronze awards each with a bonus of 10,000 yuan each, and several high-quality awards with a bonus of 6,000 yuan each. On December 8, the organizers will issue relevant prizes, medals and certificates to relevant winners. At the same time, they will carry out a series of activities of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference to introduce better professional R&D high-end technology for Anxi Tea and bring more of Anxi Tea Bring high-quality tea to matchmaking and promote drainage.