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News Detail


Issuing time:2021-09-10 21:45


  近日在龙门数字福建(安溪)产业园一个会议室,工作人员正在商讨卫星发射准备事项。一旁的大屏幕上,一款卫星展示了参数、三维图,这便是即将发射的“安溪铁观音1号”卫星的“真面目”。 “这个卫星95公斤,是轻量化的卫星。卫星的分辨率达到0.5米,是目前国内可见光最高分辨率。卫星的轨道重访是95分钟,也就是一个半小时可以绕着地球转一圈儿拍摄。”工作人员告诉记者,“安溪铁观音1号”卫星具备高分辨率、高集成度和智能化特点,结合快速机动控制,可实现单轨多点目标成像和信息快速回传,可用于精准农业、精确地图绘制、城市治理、全球重点目标变化监测等领域,在轨运行预计可超过5年。


At the end of October, at the Yantai Marine Satellite Launch Site, a satellite named "Anxi Tieguanyin 1" will be sent into space using the Long March 11 solid carrier rocket. So what does this satellite look like? What role will it play in the future?

  Recently, in a conference room in Longmen Digital Fujian (Anxi) Industrial Park, staff are discussing satellite launch preparations. On the large screen on the side, a satellite displayed its parameters and three-dimensional images. This is the "true face" of the soon-to-be-launched "Anxi Tieguanyin 1" satellite. "This satellite is 95 kilograms and is a lightweight satellite. The resolution of the satellite is 0.5 meters, which is the highest resolution of visible light in the country. The orbit revisit of the satellite is 95 minutes, which means it can go around the earth in one and a half hours. Shooting." The staff told reporters that the "Anxi Tieguanyin No. 1" satellite has the characteristics of high resolution, high integration and intelligence, combined with rapid maneuver control, can achieve single-track multi-point target imaging and rapid information return, which can be used for precision Agriculture, accurate mapping, urban governance, global key target change monitoring and other fields are expected to operate in orbit for more than 5 years.

   According to reports, this satellite is the first domestic commercial remote sensing satellite exclusively named by a tea brand. It is commemorative in form and can be used to provide data support for the high-quality development of Anxi tea industry. For example, it provides data support for the monitoring of tea growth, the monitoring of diseases and insect pests, and forestry, agriculture, water conservancy and environmental protection. The launch is led by the Anxi County Party Committee and Government. At present, the "Anxi Tieguanyin 1" satellite is currently being manufactured at the Changchun Changguang Satellite Company's development base. It has been manufactured and will soon be transferred to the Yantai launch site and will be used at the end of October. The Long March 11 solid carrier rocket was sent into space.