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Issuing time:2021-09-09 14:00






Among all the drinks, I like the simple Tieguanyin the most. Tea's life course is plain and tranquil. She does not pursue a sensational reputation, does not pursue dazzling colorful colors, does not bow to the scorching sun, does not bow to the wind and rain, but persistently pursues the sun and the rain. The whole process of making tea is also very natural and simple. In the process of drinking, she is also simple and plain. A pot of boiling water, in a mud, porcelain, or glass space, it will dance happily and bring itself to life. The most beautiful essence of the show to people.

Simplicity is a kind of virtue. Tieguanyin tea is simple, and the nature of those who love tea should also be simple, unassuming and rethinking. Simplicity is not only a character of people, but also a virtue of tea. The whole life process of tea is also so simple. It has withstood the test of spring, snow and autumn frost, bad wind and bitter rain, firmly rooted in the earth, and stretched out to welcome all the gifts of nature. When the flowers bloomed, she quietly walked down the branches and merged into thousands of households. At this moment, people have long forgotten her once delicious and verdant, and what she appreciates is her simplicity and selflessness.

Simplicity is a style. Tieguanyin tea selflessly dedicate this style to people's mental state of helping others like a good teacher and helpful friend. Compared with this, the style of the wine is rich and colorful, without the simplicity of Tieguanyin tea. The wine is warm and noisy. Because of this, drinking often makes people lose their minds, kiss madness, embrace violence. The style of honey is fragrant, and it lacks the simplicity of Tieguanyin tea. Therefore, honey is lingering and affectionate, which is why honey tends to make people addicted to slack. Only Tieguanyin tea is worthy of intimacy. She doesn’t have the slightest twist or show off. When you are sleepy and slack, a cup of tea will cheer you up. In the ordinary, you will experience the rush of passion and the sweetness of life. This is the style of Tieguanyin tea-simple and sincere.

Gorgeousness is a temporary noise, simplicity is an eternal haze. You may get a glorious moment with gorgeousness, but embracing simplicity can be true for a lifetime. Simple people, love the simple Tieguanyin tea!

In the transition of late autumn and early winter, make a cup of fragrant Tieguanyin, let the warmth melt into your body, and let the warmth flow all over your body. While tasting tea, you can read a book while listening to relaxing music. At night, let the simple atmosphere of tea surround you, discard all your irritability, and calm down in the aftertaste of tea...

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