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Issuing time:2021-09-09 13:55









Perhaps because of your busyness and hard work in your own passion, will you recall your original aspirations at the time, stop temporarily, drink a cup of tea, and find your original aspirations.

Drinking tea is not only aimed at quenching thirst and maintaining health, but also introspecting and enlightening, tasting the true nature of tea, and experiencing all the flavors of life.

Tea can wash away the floating dust, filter the mood, and build good bonds. Therefore, a person who knows how to taste tea is also a person who is willing to make his life simple. Always believe that Zen is an artistic conception, and some people can't let go of their obsessions and realize Bodhi in their entire lives. And some people just walked out of the turmoil of Vientiane and bloomed like a lotus in the time of a cup of tea.

The real good tea can withstand the test of boiling hot water, and the real quality people must also be able to withstand the erosion of the world, have a clear eye and a clear heart, and always maintain the natural qualities of talent.

The tea floats up and down in the cup, and the aroma is overflowing. At first glance, it looks plain. As Sanmao said about tea, "The first bitter is like life, the second is sweet as love, and the third is as light as a breeze." If people are measured by this standard, there are more than three ways to taste?

Still water flows deeply, and a simple person has a peaceful heart, the easier it is to penetrate Zen. Cultivating Buddhism is like tasting tea, drinking a cup of bitter tea until tasteless, this is the realm of Zen. Life should be deleted from the complex and kept simple, let the world sway, and the heart will always be like a lotus, quietly blooming. Just like thousands of streams, they will eventually merge into the river, gurgling and clear, simple and peaceful.

Tea has become a habit in life and an indispensable friend of practitioners. Just how many people can drink the turbulent years until the water is calm. How many people can drink the turbid state of the world until it is pure and clear.

Maybe we can choose an unintentional day, no matter sunny or rainy, no matter spring or autumn, drink a pot of tea, return to the true, find the original self.