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铁观音春茶 乌龙茶极品代表安溪铁观音

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In this spring of brewing good tea, the most representative good tea is Tieguanyin spring tea, known as "chunshui", which has always been favored by tea lovers.

Spring tea is here

Tieguanyin tea is called Tieguanyin spring tea. In spring, the temperature is moderate, the rainfall is sufficient, and the tea trees have been cultivated for half a year in winter, making Tieguanyin spring tea buds plump, green in color, soft in leaves, and rich in vitamins, especially amino acids. It not only makes Tieguanyin spring tea taste fresh, but also has a pleasant aroma and is full of health care effects. Tieguanyin spring tea is rich in nutrients from the tea tree, so the leaf flesh is thick, the aroma and vitamin content are high, the taste is fresh, the aroma is strong, and the appearance is tight and strong.

Traditional craftsmanship, spring tea

Anxi Tieguanyin is rigorously produced and exquisitely crafted. Spring tea germinates in late March, and from Guyu to Lixia (mid-late April to early May) is spring tea, which accounts for 40-45% of the total annual output. The standard for picking fresh leaves must be the second and third leaves when the top leaves have just developed into a small or mid-open surface after the young shoots have formed permanent buds. The "five nos" should be done when harvesting, that is, do not break the leaves, do not fold the leaves, do not break the tip of the leaves, do not bring a single piece, do not bring fish leaves and old stems. The fresh leaves of tea plants in different growing areas should be separated, especially the early green, midnight green, and late green leaves should be strictly manufactured separately, with the best quality of midnight green.

Tieguanyin spring tea should have two major elements: natural raw materials and traditional production:

First of all, tea trees should grow in a good environment, such as fresh air, good vegetation, and suitable altitude;

Secondly, the tea-making process should be traditional, such as applying organic fertilizers and using as little machinery as possible to make tea.

Tieguanyin spring tea, dry tea presents three-node color, oily surface, has the characteristics of good sweetness, thick taste, clear sound, and warm leaf bottom. The good Anxi Tieguanyin dry tea even has hoarfrost on the surface. To reflect these characteristics of Tieguanyin spring tea, only natural methods can achieve it.

Anxi Tieguanyin, the best oolong tea

Tieguanyin is one of the best oolong teas. It has the sweetness and heaviness of black tea, and the delicate fragrance of green tea. It is famous for its unique orchid fragrance and Guanyin flavor. The finished tea of Tieguanyin spring tea is curly in shape, plump and round, heavy and even; the color is oily, with sandy green with obvious red spots, with dragonfly heads, spirochetes, frog legs, sand green with hoarfrost; the soup is golden in color, rich and clear; The bottom of the leaf is thick and bright, with a silky luster; the taste is mellow and fresh, the sweetness is long, the fragrance is sharp and strong, there is a saying that "green leaves are bordered by red, seven bubbles have a lingering fragrance".