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办公室适合喝那些茶 铁观音 西湖龙井 茉莉花茶 苦丁茶

Issuing time:2021-09-07 14:47

1、铁观音茶 铁观音的功效与作用中的提神效果很好,主要在于茶叶中的咖啡碱起到了提神益思的作用。咖啡碱具有兴奋中枢神经、增进思维、提高效率的功能。因此,饮茶后能破睡、提神、去烦、消除疲倦、清醒头脑。

2、西湖龙井 绿茶在办公室喝十分的方便,夏天天气炎热,绿茶能清热化痰起到降暑的作用,防止天气炎热中暑,绿茶起到解渴的作用。“绿茶”是休闲茶系列中的代表,“西湖龙井”是绿茶家族中最昂贵的精品,龙井茶素以色翠、形美、香郁、味醇冠绝天下,其独特的“淡而远”“香而清”的绝世神采和非凡品质,在众多茗茶中独具一格,冠列中国十大名茶之首。

3、茉莉花茶 很多白领在中午吃完饭都会在办公室上趴着睡觉,醒来的时候经常是手脚发麻,而且偶尔还会打嗝,头晕脑胀,相当的不舒服。其实是因为伏案而睡的不良睡姿造成的,当人们肝郁气滞时,精神自然也好不到哪儿去,这时如果来一杯茉莉花茶是最好不过了,因为它能够理气开郁,还能使人定心安神,更有助于帮助帮助倡导吸收笑话,缓解胃痛、鼻塞不通、腹泻、便秘等症状。

4、苦丁茶 茶如其名,真的很苦。小茶君可以作证,非常苦,一小片就可以泡半个下午,但是值得一提的是,真的很降火。不过要特别注意的是,苦丁茶凉性偏重,清热解毒、软化血管、降血脂的功能较其他茶叶更好,最适合体质燥热者饮用,但虚汗体质的人绝对不适宜饮用此茶

1. Tieguanyin tea Tieguanyin has a very good refreshing effect, mainly because the caffeine in the tea has a refreshing effect. Caffeine has the functions of stimulating the central nervous system, enhancing thinking and improving efficiency. Therefore, after drinking tea, it can break sleep, refresh, relieve annoyance, eliminate fatigue, and clear the mind.

2. West Lake Longjing Green tea is very convenient to drink in the office. In the hot summer, green tea can clear heat and reduce phlegm to reduce heat, prevent heat stroke in hot weather, and green tea can quench thirst. "Green tea" is the representative of the leisure tea series. "West Lake Longjing" is the most expensive product in the green tea family. Longjing tea is known for its green color, beautiful shape, fragrant and mellow taste, and its unique "light and far away" The "fragrant and clear" peerless spirit and extraordinary quality are unique among many teas, ranking first among the top ten famous teas in China.

3. Jasmine tea. Many white-collar workers will sleep on their stomachs in the office after eating at noon. When they wake up, they often have numb hands and feet, and occasionally have hiccups, dizziness, and quite uncomfortable. In fact, it is caused by the bad sleeping posture of sleeping at the desk. When people suffer from stagnation of liver and qi, their spirits are naturally not much better. At this time, a cup of jasmine tea is best, because it can regulate the qi and relieve the depression. It can calm people's minds and calm the mind, and help to help advocate the absorption of jokes, relieve stomach pain, nasal congestion, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.

4. Kudingcha Tea, as its name suggests, is really bitter. Xiaochajun can testify, it is very bitter, and a small piece can be soaked for half an afternoon, but it is worth mentioning that it really reduces the fire. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that Kuding tea is more cold, and has better functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying, softening blood vessels, and lowering blood lipids than other teas. It is most suitable for people with dry and hot constitutions, but people with weak sweating constitutions are definitely not suitable for drinking this tea.

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