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Issuing time:2021-09-06 21:04








If it weren't for this purpose, those who drink tea from a pot would be somewhat leisurely, those who drink tea from a cup are somewhat indifferent, and those who drink tea from a cup, like my generation, really live a life too much.

The weather is not fine, it is windy, the sun is playing hide-and-seek with someone, sometimes not showing up for a long while, I don't know if he forgot his partner, or his partner forgot him. The laziness after lunch can't hide, the face, eyes, and mouth are full, and it oozes out accidentally. Yawning together, no matter whether it is hurt or not, tears remind of coaxing, and the shadow of life on his face is covered like a cobweb, and it can't be pulled away.

As a last resort, make a cup of strong tea to relieve your troubles. The glass cup is transparent, and you can see the process of dispelling boredom. The hot water is very hot, and a cloud of mist rises from the mouth of the cup, like an annoyance that can't be shaken away. Unable to bear the heat, I quickly covered the lid of the cup, not only teaching the cup to be quiet, but also making myself quiet. The tea is cheap Tieguanyin, the discounted goods in the supermarket, one by one curled up very irregularly, the color varies in shades. I don't know if the tea is a defective product or a defective craftsmanship, it is struggling and unfolding in the boiling water, like a pile of dead leaves rolled up and down by a strong wind, letting people see the truth of life inadvertently.

I have no intention of tasting tea. First, I have not reached the level of tasting tea. Second, I can’t find the atmosphere of tasting tea here. Third, the materials are inferior and the cups are too vulgar. In addition, letting the sleepy person taste tea is like letting the hungry person taste delicious food, violent death! In any case, the boiled water has changed color, a little green that is inspiring, but it is more of a faint yellow, and the yellow and green are mixed together, giving people a messy feeling.

The sky is a bit dark, and the wind seems to make a sound, perhaps warning the cold air to walk on the road. The temperature dropped very cautiously, as if I was afraid of being spotted by someone, or maybe the temperature was not low, but when it came down, I felt cool, not cold.

The tea is much quieter in the cup, and the bottom and wall of the cup are full and full. I didn't drink the tea, but my sleepiness disappeared a lot, and my spirit was refreshed with the recovery of the tea. Life, you really don't need to pursue anything too deliberately, just make a simple cup of tea and just keep it. Whether it's sunny, cloudy, warming up, or cooling down, it's best if it's over.

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