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Issuing time:2021-09-06 21:00







My husband brought me a box of high-quality Tieguanyin from a foreign country, put the tea in the cup, and added boiling water, the faint scent was suddenly diffused. Perhaps because the tea is good, I always feel that I don’t have the taste if I don’t make it twice. He smiled when he saw this and said: "Everything is like this, the good taste will soon leave us, and only when you have it, you can taste it carefully and you will not regret it."

His words do make sense. Tea is like life. It's a good metaphor. If you compare life to this cup of tea, most of the time, it may be plain and plain, and only a few times will it let us taste a different taste. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, it is what we have to bear.

I made a cup of tea three times, and the taste faded. But I was reluctant to throw it away, still savoring the taste. Although it is light, it is light and fragrant.

The taste in tea is only for a moment, so how can all the tastes in life be different? The feeling of loving heartbeat at the beginning of the year, the feeling of holding hands with the beloved, and the joy of being a mother of man, passed, and passed.

When you have it, savor it carefully and cherish it. Just like the tea I make every day, once the tea is strong, the tea is fragrant twice, and the tea is light three times. Each refilling of the water makes me feel a different taste. Only by calming down and tasting it will I not let it down. Tea. And why is life not like this?