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Issuing time:2021-09-06 16:02





我们应该 像安溪铁观音茶叶一样,不求名利,不求福报,在淡雅中释放宁静,尽心尽意地奉献自己的芳香,在喧闹的社会里,轻松地演绎自我。使自己充实的生命在茶韵里升华,在社会这壶茶里,做一片有色有味的茶叶!


Drinking tea is my hobby. No matter how busy I am, whether at home or out, tea is indispensable. I would rather have no meat for three days than a day without tea. Although the tea ceremony books say that purple sand is the best tea set, I still like to make tea in a colorless and transparent glass. I like to appreciate the tumbling, ups and downs of tea leaves in the water and the changes in tea color when I drink tea.

In my heart, the tea leaves in the water, silently stretched, ups and downs, it is a landscape. It is a kind of enjoyment to taste the rich agricultural tea, the bitter tea taste and the fresh tea fragrance, and it is an excellent health care. When I am tired, the light tea in the mouth, a faint bitter taste, glides from the tip of the tongue, and falls in my heart. It is refreshing and sweet; when I am lonely, I invite a few friends to enjoy tea, this time tea is to deepen friendship Tie: My blood pressure is not high, and my teeth are still intact. I am afraid it has something to do with my tea habit.

A piece of tea, from the tea field to the people's cup, has to go through many winds and rains, and endure how much torment, before it can be refined into a delicious tea in people's cups. Isn't life like this? In the long years, after many years of rinsing, our fragrance is tempered. Only when we have the ability to make dedication, we will have the warmth and meaning of life. But how many people can really get a piece of tea to release the light of life? In the course of life, how many people can become the focus of people's careful taste and the scenery?

The tea-flavored life should be in the process of brewing, tumbling, colliding, and releasing the fragrance of the cup of tea in the society, slowly accumulating the splendor of life.

We should be like tea, not seeking fame and fortune, not seeking blessings, letting go of tranquility in elegance, devoting ourselves to our fragrance, and interpreting ourselves easily in a noisy society. Make your own full life sublime in the rhyme of tea, and make a piece of colored and flavored tea in the pot of tea in society!

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