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Guanyin regards "old" as expensive!

Aged Tieguanyin is made by long-term aging based on the fragrant Tieguanyin, which is also called "old iron" by the folks. It is reported that many well-known Tieguanyin tea companies have launched Tieguanyin Chen tea products, and several tea companies have launched old Tieguanyin tea products covering 5 years, 8 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 28 years, etc. , The maximum age of the aged tea is 30 years, and the price of aged Tieguanyin on the market is even tens of thousands of yuan per catty.

The amount of Chen tea is very limited, only available in tea factories with a long history. Anxi Tea Factory started in 1952 and is one of the earliest existing tea factories producing Tieguanyin. Anxi Tieguanyin Group has marketed a small amount of "aged Tieguanyin" in Anxi Tea Factory and has formed a rich series of Tieguanyin products, striving to allow consumers to accept Tieguanyin's traditional production process in their drinking and drinking.

The older the older the higher the medicinal value, the older Tieguanyin is more expensive

There was a "Min Tea Song" in the Qing Dynasty that sang: "Although it was good before the rain, it was too new, and the anger was not removed. The price was three times the price of the deep red, and every family showed off the next year's old." It can be seen that the ancients in our country have already known the old. The pharmacological and health effects of tea.

Lin Rongxi, a member of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee, introduced that the old Tieguanyin has health care functions as its main feature, and the folks generally use it as a good product for eliminating fire, heat, and greasiness. In addition, the aged Tieguanyin has a certain anti-inflammatory effect, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on common diseases such as dysentery.

Aged tea is warm in nature and has the effects of warming the stomach, invigorating qi, lowering lipids, lowering blood pressure and soothing the nerves. Aged Tieguanyin tea is a high-grade tea product in Tieguanyin tea. After being roasted and cooled, it is sealed and stored in a special storage cellar with a stone-wood structure. "Mellow, smooth, refreshing, refreshing" deposits a lot of essence, agarwood condensing rhyme, sweet and mellow.

Old-aged Tieguanyin regards "old" as its value, because the older the tea, the more powerful it is. After more than ten years of storage, the contents of Tieguanyin have undergone major changes, the taste is better, and the efficacy of the medicine has also been significantly enhanced.

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