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Issuing time:2021-09-06 14:52








Life is like tea. In the vast world, everyone is like a piece of tea. Sooner or later, you will be integrated into this changing world. In the process of integration, the society will not treat you specially. No matter who it is, if you can't stand the scorching world, failure and distress, you may not be able to taste the charm of life. When we have experienced some things in the world and understood the warmth and coldness of human relationships, we will become wise, like the tea of Nirvana, slowly sinking into the bottom of the cup, using a calm attitude as the only expression.

Life is like tea, there is always a touch of sorrow. When a cup of fragrant tea is in your hand, you can forget the worries. Tea can clear the heart. When we hold a cup of unconventional tranquility in our hands, a heart will gradually become clear like tea soup. After passing through the flourishing red dust built by reinforced concrete, and seeing through the emptiness and temptation of fame and fortune, our hearts become quiet with the stretched leaves...

Tea-drinkers need a self-contained style, and will not easily be happy in appearance; there is an awareness of the years, and always tolerate others with a plain heart; there is a silence of desire and rest, knowing no matter how gorgeous the language is Not on the tenderness of action; there is a kind of open-mindedness of laughter but also knowing that you don't need to be too deliberate in everything. The mood when drinking tea is a collection of time. Drinking tea in a peaceful day with a happy heart will always give birth to a sense of satisfaction.

The tea will gradually fade, the lighter it is, the clearer it will be, and the clearer it will be, the more it will show its true meaning. Yes, the more tea is drunk, the taste becomes lighter, but the taste of life is getting stronger. It can be seen that the taste of tea is not only the taste of tea, but also the taste of life itself. Strong love is like tea, and light love is like tea...

Life is like tea, it can be strong or elegant. When the night is dark and everything is silent, why not let us toast to a cup of tea of life, feel its refreshing and mellow tea, and cherish the endless sweetness in the fine aftertaste. . If you have this mood in your life, you might have nothing to ask for.

Life is like tea, and love is like the fragrance of tea, which permeates the texture of you and me in silence. Even though things are impermanent and life is noisy, we laugh lightly and forget the dust, let only Yuxiang tie, and keep all mundane disputes away...