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A cup of tea in hand warms my heart.

The two cups of tea looked at each other, and it was the moon in the sky that was left out.

With a friend by the side, the fragrance of tea wins the fragrance of wine. Tea seems to belong to the cold night of Yueying Po Suo or Fei Yu Fei. In the silent world, looking at each other is the richest language. Is the tea too thick to melt? If it is not, why does it appear in your eyes for a long time...

Tea stays with the years, has achieved Chen Xiang and achieved medicinal properties. Tea and people stay together, precipitating the lonely time, once it meets the water, it can solve the sorrow and the worry. But, whose hand broke the old look of tea, and whose hand broke the new face of tea?

There is a fragrant tea in the tea, and there is a sound outside the tea. If you can understand the sound outside the tea, why not play the "Feng Qiuhuang", one is Sima Xiangru and the other is Zhuo Wenjun.

"The mountain is high, the moon rises small. The moon is small, He Jiaojiao, I am thinking far away. If I don't see Xi in a day, my heart is quiet."

Let me take your time, so that I can hold the spiritual root of the mountain's spiritual treasure, and brew a cup of warm tea with the sweetness of the mountain spring to moisturize your dry heart. I really don't need to say anything, yours. Cherish is the best gratitude to me. Then, a whirling tree shadow moved away a little bit behind him...

If there is a lot of love in the world, and loneliness is the ice, and it is sealed for a long time and cannot be defrosted, who knows if there is a little warmth in the cold Bing heart? If you encounter it, please take this ice home and melt it slowly with charcoal fire. After it boils, make a cup of tea and put it in front of your eyes. Watch the leaves roll like a soft chant and dance like a graceful dance. Take a bite of clear ice like freezing, look up and look lonely. The moon is still hanging quietly in the sky, and suddenly realized that this water, freezing itself is really a last resort, it is just waiting for its tea.

As a result, tears fell on the charcoal fire, and a slight sighing sound was made, as if to say, watching the time, seeing lovesick and easy to grow old. I just didn't expect that the tea I carefully collected would also have my partner.

Give me your time, so that I can lower the moon lower and lower, preferably by the pond or under the shadow of a flower. When you walk close to me in the dim light, let the moon in the pond rippling. , Yue'er under the shadow of Ren Hua was ashamed.

Lively and noisy is not a lot of things, but it's not what the heart wants to be at one corner, and only if you want to go, can you be safe and sound.

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