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Agarwood is not equal to agarwood, although agarwood was born from the agarwood tree.

Only when the branches of agarwood are traumatized, does it provide the initial possibility of achieving agarwood. After the trunk of agarwood is wounded, it will secrete resin to heal the wound. In the meantime, the wound site will be infected by the invasion of a microorganism called "yellow-green black ear fungus". Agarwood will fight against this fungus in order to protect itself, and the fungus stubbornly metabolizes in adversity, thereby mixing with the antibodies of the agarwood tree itself to produce a new compound. As this process continues and deepens, agarwood forms.

This is reminiscent of pearls. The formation of pearls is a painful process. When the mussel opens the shell, if a gravel, parasite or other foreign matter enters the body of the mussel, and it cannot expel these debris, it will be like sand in the human eye, and it will hurt again. Itching again. In order to alleviate its pain, it can only continue to secrete nacre to wrap it up. As time passes, it becomes thicker and thicker. After a thick layer of nacre is formed, it becomes the pearl we see now.

Not every agarwood tree can produce agarwood, and not every mussel can breed pearls, just like some people are destined to be mediocre.

The agarwood tree has suffered trauma, which provides the first possibility of achieving agarwood. Just like people who have suffered setbacks and tribulations in life, this talent has the initial possibility of achieving excellence; but this alone is not enough. Many people become depressed and lose their fighting spirit after being hit. If you want to have a life like agarwood, you must first suffer your mind, work your muscles, hungry your body, empty your body, and mess around with what you do. Therefore, you must be tempted to endure what you can't do.

The value of Agarwood comes from unremitting struggle.

The reason why agarwood has a deep fragrance is the result of its unremitting struggle. The most touching part of agarwood is its "shen", that is, the quality of unremitting struggle; it also lies in its "fragrance", once it is achieved, it will never be lost. The deep fragrance is not easy to obtain. In the endless river of years, agarwood trees can only make this beauty through unremitting struggle. Lin Qingxuan said that agarwood is not just wood, it is also a kind of revelation, and it is a reminder that we should maintain a deep fragrance in our hearts in a glorious life. If a person has agarwood in his heart, he will not be afraid of the floating world.

Life is hard, but what makes us is precisely the hard struggle, just as the years make agarwood.

Was Confucius born a sage? It was not Confucius himself who left Confucius' name in history, but the brilliance of his thoughts. What made the "Agarwood" of his life and turned him from a mortal to a saint? Sima Qian said: Zhong Ni'er, he wrote "Spring and Autumn"; Qu Yuan exiled and wrote "Li Sao"; Zuoqiu was blind, but he had "Mandarin"; Sun Zi had a stinging foot, and the art of war was revised; he could not move to Shu, and the legendary "Lu Lan" ; Han Fei prisoner Qin, "Said Difficulty" and "Lonely Anger"; "Poems" 300 articles are probably the work of the sage's indignation. Which of them was born a sage?

If you are born unhappy, if life deceives you, Pushkin said, don’t be sad, don’t be melancholy. We might as well fight in the midst of suffering, like Sima Qian and Shi Tiesheng, and turn life into an eternal "Agarwood"

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