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There are a lot of teas, you can drink it slowly, and the more you store, the higher the quality, the better it will be.

Saving money today is not as good as saving some tea to ensure that you are healthy and happy in your old age. What a happy thing.

Save some good tea, wait for more than ten years, more than 20 years, we are also old, say yes to retirement, and also quit the rivers and lakes, take the good tea we have saved for a long time, find our old friends, and enjoy good tea together .

When it comes to storing tea, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the ancient tree tea Pu’er, and of course some dark tea and white tea. Don't forget to save some Dahongpao, and of course don't forget to save some traditional old-fashioned Tieguanyin, commonly known as Laotie.

When I get old, I bring tea, quit the rivers and lakes, and live in a small town with few people. I grow tea in front of the house and vegetables in the back. There is no internet. I cook by myself, raise a big dog, ride bicycles and walks every day, and hardly use mobile phones. Do not disturb others, and do not wish to be disturbed. The so-called old days are like this. One tea, one meal, one porridge, and one dish, stay with one person.

Watching tea in spring, sweeping leaves in autumn, raising poultry in summer and burning wood in winter. In the morning, watch the sun at the alley, go to the market to buy vegetables and fruits,

Cooking and cleaning. In the afternoon, I read a book, sip tea, and beat the sunset with a cane. Drink tea under the apricot tree at night until the moonlight and dew are cool.

When we get old and become grandfathers or grandmothers ourselves, children bring their children to see you and play with your dog in the yard. Under the fence surrounded by camellias, is the age of you and me. Next to the red house, shaded by willow trees, is the bondage of affectionate white heads.

You go and make soy sauce, I'll take a look at the back. There are three or two ruts, looking back one step at a time. At the sunset of life, I don’t look forward to high officials or glory. I wish to have a spare time to cherish my life and join hands to grow old.