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Issuing time:2022-05-14 13:17








Many tea drinkers drink a type of tea they haven't, and some people get upset stomachs after drinking it, and some people get fired up after drinking a type of tea. Therefore, before drinking tea, we should know whether the properties of tea are cooling or warm, so as to better choose the tea that suits us.

A friend who just started drinking tea asked me, is Tieguanyin tea cooling or warm? So let's take a brief look at Tieguanyin tea.

Tieguanyin tea is a famous Chinese tea, and the pure natural orchid fragrance makes many tea lovers intoxicated. To say whether Tieguanyin is cool or warm, it depends on the processing method of Tieguanyin. There are several types of Tieguanyin on the market, such as Qingxiang type, Chenxiang type, strong aroma type, and charcoal grilled type. Due to the different processing methods, Tieguanyin of Qing-flavor and Chen-flavor is cooler. Strong aroma and charcoal grilled Tieguanyin are milder. So when we choose what kind of Tieguanyin to drink, we should also consider the properties of the tea.

So who is suitable for drinking Qingxiang and Chenxiang Tieguanyin? Who is suitable for drinking Tieguanyin with strong aroma and charcoal grilling?

Generally speaking, most men, people who are easy to get angry at ordinary times, and obese friends are suitable for drinking Tieguanyin of Qingxiang and Chenxiang. Tieguanyin can help obese friends to lose weight better. Most women, as well as some friends with bad stomach, some friends will feel abdominal discomfort when they eat more watermelon or bitter melon in summer, which are more suitable for drinking strong-flavored and charcoal-grilled Tieguanyin. Old iron tea is milder and also regulates the intestines and lowers uric acid.

This judgment is only a very superficial classification method. The knowledge of Zhongxutang tea and Chinese tea culture can help friends who like to drink tea to understand more about tea, especially those who want to start their own business and join the tea industry or join the agency of tea. spatial.

Nowadays, due to the fast pace of urban life, high work pressure, and abnormal life rules, it will affect the endocrine and cause human body dysfunction. Therefore, some incompatible symptoms may occur. This increases the difficulty of judgment, but as long as you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find your physical condition.