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铁观音春茶毛茶均价 春茶的价格怎么样呢?

Issuing time:2022-05-13 13:15








At present, the production of early buds such as Huangjingui, Benshan and Jinguanyin has been completed. The relevant person in charge of Anxi County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau said that the output of spring tea in 2022 is expected to be about 24,000 tons, and the average price of spring tea hair tea is about 65 yuan per catty. An increase of 8% over the same period last year.

According to the solar terms, after the Grain Rain every year, it is the peak of Anxi Tieguanyin tea production. This year, it is a few days earlier than in previous years. Tieguanyin tea buds are growing faster than in previous years. Since April 26, Anxi County has begun to mine iron on a large scale. Guanyin.

Under normal circumstances, Anxi Tieguanyin tea buds will become rough and old after the summer solstice and cannot be picked. The County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau has learned from the acquisition of large households, demonstration farms above the county level, cooperatives, and leading tea companies. As of May 3 , Golden Gui, Benshan, Jin Guanyin and other early buds have been harvested and produced, Tieguanyin has entered the peak period of production, and the production progress of spring tea is about 60% of the total.

What is the price of spring tea?

According to Anxi Tieguanyin practitioners, the price of spring tea this year is generally the same as last year. "The price of a pound of hairy tea is more than 50 to 60 yuan, 70 to 80 yuan, and the good unit price is more than 100 yuan, or even 200 to 300 yuan. ."

Data from Anxi County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau shows that the average price of spring tea hair tea this year is about 65 yuan per catty, an increase of 8% over the same period last year, while the average price of base tea is about 120 yuan, an increase of 11% over the same period last year, accounting for 20% of the total. .

Anxi tea culture has a long history. In addition to Tieguanyin, which is well-known to everyone, there are also six national tea tree varieties recognized by the National Crop Variety Approval Committee, such as Meizhan, Maoxi, and Benshan, as well as newly developed excellent varieties such as Jinguanyin, which have also bloomed in recent years. A different kind of brilliance.