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2022铁观音春茶动态Tieguanyin Spring Tea News

Issuing time:2022-05-12 12:21

As of now, the picking and production of Anxi Tieguanyin 2022 spring tea is coming to an end, and Tieguanyin spring tea is fully listed. Tieguanyin is the business card of Anxi County, and it is also a tea category that has been popular in the north and south of the river. Today, Tieguanyin, who has walked through the bustling city, wants to spread its wings again under the grand strategy of the Anxi County Government.

Taking advantage of marketing is a high-level method of business operation. How can tea companies follow this trend to increase sales in the Tieguanyin category? We will dismantle it one by one from the three aspects of marketing, technology and culture, and discuss with you the development of Tieguanyin.

Marketing first


The product highlight is the marketing foundation Tieguanyin

Highlights that are different from other categories?

Unique penetrating fragrance

Aroma is Tieguanyin's label. Different from other categories, Tieguanyin's orchid fragrance has unique penetrating power, and the fragrance is very recognizable. I have seen many times when my friends smell the fragrance of Tieguanyin, they can't help but close their eyes and get intoxicated. This is one of the highlights of Tieguanyin.

The aroma of Anxi Tieguanyin is irreplaceable, originating from the indispensable integration of tree species, region and craftsmanship, forming a distinct difference between Tieguanyin and other categories.

High foam resistance

Tieguanyin has a lingering fragrance after seven bubbles, which not only indicates that the aroma is high, but also indicates that Tieguanyin has a bright spot that is resistant to bubbles.

The fresh leaves of Tieguanyin varieties are thick and rich in content. Through the unique kneading process, the hemispherical shape makes each extraction more balanced, and its contents are released slowly and persistently, forming a unique bright spot that is resistant to foaming.

Highly recognizable shape

Tieguanyin is one of the few oolong teas with a granular, firm shape.

From the perspective of marketing, the compact shape is not easy to break, and the granular shape makes tea quantifiable. According to these characteristics, creating tea consumption for the target scene is equivalent to shaping the shape of the finished product to form a consumption barrier for this scene.

When tea companies do category marketing, they only need to focus on one highlight.


Match product highlights to target users

According to the above highlights of Tieguanyin, we believe that the following groups of people are suitable for becoming Tieguanyin's target users.

Cha Xiaobai: The first sip of tea in life

The drinking value of tea can be divided into aroma, taste, taste, aftertaste, etc. For people who are just beginning to drink tea, the aroma is the most easily felt and the most attractive experience.

Therefore, Tieguanyin with elegant orchid fragrance is very suitable for tea Xiaobai, thus entering the tea drinking circle.

According to data from iiMedia Research, more than 90% of Chinese consumers will have experience of drinking tea in 2021, and 53.1% of consumers will maintain the habit of drinking tea every day.

There are still nearly half of the group who have tea drinking experience but have not formed the habit of drinking tea. This part of the tea whites can easily form a daily tea drinking habit through appropriate tea drinking experience, such as starting from Tieguanyin with a strong aroma and mild taste. Increase the total consumption of the tea industry.

The exquisite life experience of "workers"

Compared with the middle class, the working group belongs to the middle and low-end consumption. However, with the improvement of the economy, the exquisite lifestyle of "affordable price, beauty and ritual sense" belonging to "dagong workers" is being widely spread.

Tieguanyin, which has a wide audience, has an average price that is more popular in the category of oolong tea.

Therefore, the Tieguanyin popular tea brand targeting the working group may become a breakthrough direction.


Open up new business channels for Tieguanyin

New tea drink:

The new tea drink is still hot. However, there are fewer drinks with Tieguanyin as the tea base.

In other words, can Tieguanyin break through on the new tea drinking track?

Innovation often sprouts where others can't see it. Single-category tea is a breakthrough method. Jasmine Milk White, which has just received tens of millions of angel round financing, is the best example.

First of all, by changing the drink preparation method and retaining the Guanyin rhyme and orchid fragrance of Tieguanyin, it can break through the siege in the beverage market and become a dark horse with its unique taste.

Secondly, Tieguanyin has been deeply cultivated in the market for many years and has a wide range of recognition, and its name can also create a full of national tide culture.

Instant Tea:

With the continuous expansion of the new instant coffee market led by Santon and a half, innovative tea drinks such as freeze-dried tea, ultra-instant tea, and concentrated tea capsules have gradually entered the public eye. However, looking at the more active instant tea brands, there is almost no Tieguanyin in its product line.

Tieguanyin's unique tree species and technological process make it suitable for deep processing, and there are already pioneers in the market.

Studies have shown that the raw materials screened out during the refining process of Tieguanyin still contain rich contents, and instant tea is formed through technical extraction, which has advantages over other tea categories in terms of raw material cost.

Other deep processing products:

Japanese people like oolong tea, one is that it has a different taste from black tea and green tea, and the other is the efficacy of oolong tea. According to Japanese researchers, the organic chemical components contained in Tieguanyin, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, and various amino acids, are significantly higher than other teas. Therefore, bottled and canned Tieguanyin beverages are also a major attraction in the deep processing of tea.

Anxi Tea Biotechnology Co., Ltd. introduced the polymer technology developed by Jiangnan University to extract GABA from the waste tea leaves, old tea leaves after repairing the tea trees, and tea stalks and tea powders sifted during the tea production process by "biological extraction". (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

The "pure tea fermentation" Tieguanyin tea wine subverts the traditional production process of alcohol. Yiming Tea Wine uses Tieguanyin as the main raw material to brew tea wine, and it has now occupied a certain market.

△ Image source: Internet

Anxi County Lishan Tea Co., Ltd. has pressed the waste tea branches, tea residues and tea dusts produced in the process of tea making into tea fragrance products, which have been put on the market.

At present, innovative Tieguanyin products have great market potential, and it is necessary to continuously develop Tieguanyin deep-processed products, Tieguanyin new tea drinks, Tieguanyin daily chemical products, etc.

Anxi tea technology is booming

Technology is a strong support for standardization and a booster for high output value.

The Anxi government is playing cards of science and technology to plan a long-term development game for the Anxi tea industry.

Satellite launch

The Anxi Tieguanyin satellite mentioned at the beginning can monitor the growth of each tea tree in the tea garden from an altitude of 535km, and conduct pest and disease monitoring, and trace the quality of the life cycle of the tea tree, providing a solid technical guarantee for the quality of Tieguanyin tea.

Holding technological innovation competitions

On April 21, Anxi County launched the first China Tea Technology Innovation Competition. The participating projects include four directions: green production technology, intelligent equipment technology, tea deep processing technology, and packaging, storage and transportation technology.

As Academician Liu Zhonghua mentioned at the launching ceremony: The China Tea Science and Technology Innovation Competition was held in Anxi, which reflects the mind and pattern of the hometown of Tieguanyin who has a big mind for the country and explores the path for the whole industry.

Actively implement the standardization of ecological tea gardens

On May 1, the industry standard "Guidelines for the Construction of Ecological Tea Gardens" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was officially implemented.

Anxi is the hometown of oolong tea in China and the birthplace of the world-famous Tieguanyin tea. It has an area of 600,000 mu of tea gardens, and planting the ecology of tea gardens has become a key part of the overall ecological governance of Anxi. In recent years, Anxi County has actively promoted the construction of ecological tea gardens and achieved good results.

The ecological tea mountain construction model is fully implemented. Anxi County builds more than 50,000 mu of high-standard ecological tea gardens every year, and is selected as the first batch of national modern agricultural industrial parks; three-dimensionally build a tea garden complex ecosystem from three levels of county-level ecology, tea garden micro-ecology, and soil micro-ecology , promote the integrated application of green prevention and control technologies and models such as ecological control, physical prevention and control, and biological control of tea gardens, and tea exports have passed the official testing of importing countries for 14 consecutive years; Anxi took the lead in exploring the format of tea estates, developing a combination of production, processing, leisure, tourism and The "Tea Manor +" business model integrating cultural display, promotes the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of the tea industry; relying on a strict ecological system, Anxi "Ecological Tea", "Base Tea", "Manor Tea", "Famous Mountain Tea" and "Cooperative" "Tea" and "tea with ID card" are popular in the market.

Technology is a means, not an end. Only through technology can the efficiency and quality of the tea industry be improved.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Anxi County Party Committee and County Government, the phased goal of the development of Anxi Tea Garden is to build a smart tea garden in the whole area, and rely on new technologies and hard technologies to improve the planting level of tea gardens. Taking satellite as a guide, Anxi's digital technology will run through the whole process of tea planting, management, tea picking, tea making, packaging and transportation.

The wind is blowing, why not take the opportunity to take off?

Taking full advantage of this government-led technology trend, tea companies can actively deploy the Tieguanyin category, which will not only increase the company's income, but also strengthen the premium support for the brand.

Tea + rural culture has become a new model for tea companies to generate income

A few days ago, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Department of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau jointly issued the "Guidelines for Social Capital Investing in Agriculture and Rural Areas (2022)" to encourage innovation in the way social capital is invested in rural revitalization through PPP. Among them, the fifth key area is the new rural service industry.

The "Guidelines" encourage social capital to develop industries such as leisure tourism, rural homestays, creative agriculture, farming experience, farming culture, and rural health care, and to make rural leisure tourism more refined.

In this context, Anxi tea enterprises can actively promote the tea + rural culture model, and seize a new development path that achieves twice the result with half the effort.


Take advantage of the fit of time to provide tea travel services

May and October are the prime time for Anxi Tieguanyin spring tea and autumn tea to be picked and listed, and these two time points coincide with two long holidays. The company provides tea travel services for tea lovers, and tourists walk among the mountains and rivers. , you can feel the charm of tea mountain and experience the wonderful journey of tea from tea garden to tea cup.


Fully release the characteristic benefits of the tea estate

As early as 2009, Anxi County took the lead in exploring the tea estate business. In 2021, there are already 22 tea estates in Anxi. Good natural scenery, unique tea-themed homestays, Tieguanyin non-genetic learning demonstration area, tea home music life experience area, sightseeing workshops, etc., provide consumers with a slow life time different from tourism.

Tea Manor has become a dazzling label in Anxi. With the help of the Tea Manor model, enterprises can quickly start a new track of tea + culture.


innovative model

Boldly innovate the business model of tea culture, such as the cultural creation of tea products, tea garden crowdfunding, etc., through the unique tea culture service, to increase the income and profit of the enterprise.

The consumer market is like a pendulum, changing with the economic cycle. When Tieguanyin's category confidence and value confidence are constantly remodeled, the realization of "second take-off" is just around the corner.