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Issuing time:2022-05-11 10:52






The first time I felt that Anxi Tieguanyin was extraordinary was in a midsummer ten years ago. At that time, I was carrying a backpack with three or five friends and went hiking in the mountains. In the midsummer season, the temperature in the south is extremely high. As a group of us, walking in the Tianmu Mountains in East China, we relied on the sound of running water and the thick green shade on both sides of the mountain road to cool down. Even so, we couldn’t reach it. Breathless heat during the climb. We basically took a few steps, rested a few steps, and climbed one mountain after another with endurance.

When I finally got to the middle of the mountain, I saw Lao Zhong waiting by the stream early, setting up a boiler to boil the spring water. Seeing that the water was boiling, Lao Zhong swiftly poured the water from the boiler onto the stones by the mountain stream, and took a pot of water from upstream to boil. The rest of the people caught up one after another and sat around the boiler waiting for the water to boil. Seeing that everyone was almost there, Lao Zhong put out the fire and took out a small metal jar from his backpack. He unscrewed the lid and shook out the dark green dragonfly tea leaves from the jar into the Zisha pot he had washed, then poured hot water into the teapot and stuffed the lid.

"Old Zhong, you really can choose a place. This large flat stone is really a treasure. Sitting here, there is a big tree for shade, you can take off your shoes and socks and dip your feet in the stream, and you can reach a tea cup at your fingertips." "Don't talk about it, when you sit by the stream, the wind blows and it's cold. It doesn't look like a serious summer at all." After everyone sat down together, they chatted. Lao Zhong poured the water from the small teapot on the stone beside the mountain stream, kept the tea leaves inside, and continued to pour new hot water into the teapot and closed the lid of the teapot. This is a necessary procedure for drinking Tieguanyin, even in the desolate Tianmu Mountains.

The scorching sun was shining outside the big tree, and Lao Zhong handed it over with a small purple sand teacup and said to me, "When I'm empty, I'll drink tea, and I can't tell how good this tea is, but when I boil this hot water, As soon as the tea cup is placed and the hot tea is brought to my mouth, I feel that the whole world is quiet, and there are only a few people left, so I am very comfortable." I took it with both hands and took a small sip. , The fragrance is high and long-lasting, filling the mouth and nose, and the sweetness moistens the tongue and throat for a long time. After a sip, close your eyes and enjoy it. You feel that the whole person is dissolved in the cool spring water, and the summer heat is swept away.

"Is this Tieguanyin of Anxi?"