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工夫茶铁观音Kung Fu Tea Tieguanyin

Issuing time:2022-05-10 13:13

Tieguanyin, the real kung fu of Chinese tea, is the leader in the tea category. In order to refine the quality of tea leaves, we not only work hard in production, but also in planting, raising, and protecting Tieguanyin tea trees. Therefore, Tieguanyin and other oolong teas have been loved by tea people for hundreds of years. There are also many proverbs: "Orchid fragrance, Guanyin rhyme".

"Spring Water and Autumn Fragrance"... After the busy production in the spring and staying up late, the tea farmers are also exhausted, and the summer tea will be released one after another. Just after the spring tea is finished, the summer tea is picked again. Obviously, the summer tea grows vigorously due to the abundant rain and fertile soil. However, in order to improve the quality of the tea, the internal iron fist is "real kung fu", and many tea farmers brave the scorching heat. , Go deep into the deep mountain tea garden, choose not to pick summer and summer tea, prune the shoots of the new buds on the summer and summer tea trees directly into a border, brush a ridge or an egg-shaped crown.

The "humming..." pruning machine roared, and the green buds immediately returned to the tea garden, increasing the soil strength of the tea garden, and making the autumn tea richer in amino acids, tea polyphenols and other nutrients needed by the human body.

It is true that there is no summer or summer tea. These two seasons naturally affect the short-term economic income of tea farmers and tea people, but the output of autumn tea will increase and the quality of tea will be improved. Qiuxiang." Why not enjoy the tea fragrance world?