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Zhengshan Souchong, the originator of black tea

Issuing time:2022-05-08 21:40

Zhengshan race, the originator of black tea with a reputation of more than 400 years, conquered the world with its "pine smoke fragrance and longan flavor". As early as the early 17th century, Zhengshan race, with its unique charm, set off the black tea culture of the whole European royal family.

Recently, Jiang Junfa, the 24th generation descendant of Zhengshan race, one of the founders of Jin Junmei, and the R&D manager of Zhengshan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Fujian Province, walked into the live broadcast room of Tea Talk, made a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of GB/T 13738.3 "Black Tea Part 3: Race Black Tea", and led everyone to explore the "past lives" of Zhengshan race, the originator of black tea.

During the live broadcast, Teacher Jiang Junfa introduced the origin, historical spread, standard setting background and standard content of Zhengshan race black tea in detail.

Standardization of the originator of black tea

In fact, black tea has always been the mainstream tea in the world, and the western market mainly consumes black tea. In recent years, the domestic black tea consumption market has gradually emerged.

At present, about 80% of black tea exporting countries adopt ISO-3720 "Black Tea-Definition and Basic Requirements".

Although, as the originator of all kinds of black tea, Zhengshan race is famous until now, it was not until 2012 that there was a national standard-GB/T13738.3 "Black Tea Part 3: Race Black Tea".

△ Source: Jiang Junfa's Interpretation of the National Standard of Race Black Tea PPT

According to the definition of national standard of race black tea, race black tea can be divided into zhengshan race and tobacco race according to the difference of origin, technology and quality. Mountain race refers to the fresh tea leaves produced in Tongmu Village, Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City and Wuyishan Nature Reserve. It is made by local traditional techniques, and is a black tea product with unique fragrance like dried longan and pine smoke.

That is to say, only tea green raw materials within the range of Zhengshan can become Zhengshan race after being processed by traditional techniques. And the races of black tea can't all be called zhengshan races.

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of races in Zhengshan, there are many imitators. GB/T 13738.3 "Black Tea Part 3: Race Black Tea" also regulates the definition and sensory quality of "Zhengshan race" and "Tobacco race". According to the product quality, race of Zhengshan can be divided into four grades: super grade, first grade, second grade and third grade.

△ Sensory quality of Zhengshan race

Unique craftsmanship was once a state secret of the Qing Dynasty.

As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, the race of Zhengshan was spread to Europe through Tongmuguan and quickly became popular. In the Qing Dynasty, race of Zhengshan was an important commodity in China's foreign trade. At that time, in order to get rid of its dependence on Chinese tea, the British East India Company sent Robert Fuqian to China to steal tea production secrets.

Tongmu Village, the birthplace of Zhengshan race, is located in the core of Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, and has not been open to tourists so far.

According to the production standard of Zhengshan race black tea formulated by the national standard, it is divided into the initial production process and the refining process.

The initial preparation process includes: turning tea green, withering, rolling, fermenting, passing through a red pot, re-rolling, smoking and baking, re-firing and raw tea; The refining process includes: piling raw tea → baking → screening → winnowing → picking and picking → baking pine wood → even stacking → packing → finished product.

Among them, withering and baking are the key techniques to form the unique quality of Zhengshan race. In the traditional production process, these two important processes are completed in the brothel.

△ brothel

Qinglou plays an important role in the traditional craft of zhengshan race. At present, there are only a few remains of brothels in Tongmu Village. The emergence of GB/T 13738.3 "Black Tea Part 3: Race Black Tea" standard is of great significance to the protection and utilization of brothels and the inheritance and research of the traditional production process of Zhengshan race.

Similarly, the formulation of national standards for black tea is of great significance to the production and market consumption of black tea products nationwide.