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What is the difference between Zhengshan Souchong and Waishan Souchong

Issuing time:2022-05-08 21:29

1. Definition of geographical scope

Shanxiaozheng black tea originated in Tongmuguan, Wuyishan. According to "Chinese Tea Classics", "within the Tongmu, the mountain is the right one". Any tea produced by Tongmu Pass is called the right mountain. The tea produced near Wuyishan or other areas is called Waishan, to distinguish the small black tea produced outside Tongmuguan.

2. Manufacturing process requirements

Zhengshan race is the ancestor of black tea, and it is also the most classic and traditional kind of black tea. The real Zhengshan race black tea needs to be made from tea leaves of alpine tea trees in Wuyishan area by traditional techniques and natural tobacco baking process of Pinus massoniana.

3. Differences in quality.

Mountain races are high mountain tea, which has a special mountain rhyme, mellow taste, and is resistant to brewing and storage, while other mountain races are mostly low mountain tea, which has a thin background and is not resistant to brewing.