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Xianghua Tieguanyin theme song祥华铁观音主题歌曲

Issuing time:2022-05-08 14:29

Recently, the film "Auspicious Hua Tieguanyin Theme Song MV and Love Full of Fo'er Mountain · Fu Jian Xiang Hua Mei "Me and My Hometown Xianghua", which was pre-heated for the Fo'er Mountain Rhododendron Tea Brigade Carnival in Xianghua Township, Anxi, was launched. The ceremony was successfully held in Xianghua Township, Anxi County.

It is understood that the film was invited by the People's Government of Xianghua Township, Anxi County to invite Wang You, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the Film Production Committee of the Fujian Film Association, and founder of Fujian-style Films, to be the planner and director of the event. A series of activities of the Rhododendron Tea Tour Carnival in Fo'er Mountain, Xianghua Township, Anxi, Fujian were held. On the day, in addition to the film crew, representatives of Xianghua Township government, representatives of various village committees, tea masters, and tea farmers participated in the event.

"I wish the film crew a smooth shooting in Xianghua Township." At the opening ceremony, Chen Peiyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xianghua Township, Anxi County, said in his speech that he hoped that the filming and publicity of the film could better help the revitalization and development of the Xianghua tea tourism industry and the countryside.

It is worth mentioning that before the filming of the film, the planner and director Wang Youhe's team has settled in Xianghua Township more than ten days in advance to collect the scenery, set the scene and arrange it. Tea tourism resources, beautiful villages, local humanities, history and culture, and residents' lives are displayed beautifully, and the industrial resources characteristics of Xianghua Township are comprehensively promoted.

According to Chen Hongpeng, the mayor of Xianghua Township, Anxi County, Xianghua Township is located in the northwest of Anxi County. Tuchi is one of the main producing areas of Tieguanyin in Anxi.