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铁观音隧道工程Tieguanyin Tunnel Project英语翻译

Issuing time:2022-05-03 21:14

According to the plan, the total planned construction mileage of Anxi's "Big Three Rings" and Tieguanyin Tunnel Project (including the fourth line) is 49.233 kilometers, with a total investment of 4.4809 billion yuan, of which the new mileage is 44.903 kilometers and the total investment is 4.3709 billion yuan. The project will be divided into five sections: East Third Ring Road, West Third Ring Road, South Third Ring Road, Tieguanyin Tunnel and the connecting line and the fourth line. in--

East Third Ring Road: The route starts from Shuang'an Pukou Bridge, passes through Yuhui New Town, Luo Nei Village, Xingquan Railway Anxi East Station (Zhanqian Road), and Canling Tunnel (under construction) to connect East Second Ring Road, and is on the same line with East Second Ring Road. Newly built 5.80 kilometers.

West 3rd Ring Road: The route starts from the intersection of Shishiyan Tunnel and G355 line, crosses the Lanxi line to the west to connect with the fourth line, and crosses the G355 southward on the same line as the fourth line. It is connected with the South Third Ring Road, with a total length of 10.40 kilometers.

South Third Ring Road: The route starts from the intersection of Pukou Bridge and G358, passes through Laogang, Jian'an South Area, Nanping Village, Gushan Village, and ends at Qinnei Interchange to connect with West Third Ring Road and Tieguanyin Tunnel. The total length of the route is 14.908 kilometers. .

Tieguanyin Tunnel and connecting line: The route connects Qinnei and the South Third Ring Road to form an interchange. To the south, the Tieguanyin Tunnel will pass through Tiefeng Mountain, pass through Huli Garden, and end at Huancheng East Road. The route is 5.399 kilometers long, of which the tunnel is long. 2.8 km.

(After the completion of the project, it will only take 11 minutes to drive from Anxi Guanqiao to the county, and the south wing new city and Anxi county will achieve the same city and integrated development. The construction is of great and far-reaching significance.)

Liansi Line: The starting point of the route is Wharf Village, which intersects with the West Third Ring Road. The route goes northward with the Pengge Tunnel, which crosses the mountain to Penglai Town. The route is arranged along the north side of the township, and goes north to Jingu Town. The end point connects to Line S312. The route is long. 12.726 km.

In addition, the total mileage of San'an Bridge connection, Tongde Road connection, and Yingbin Avenue high-speed connection line is 6.648 kilometers.